The Effects of Brexit on the Cost of Travel

The Brexiteers have won. Great Britain is finally leaving the European Union. Alongside the United Kingdom's shock exit from the EU a number of...


5 Must See Attractions in Bangkok

The vibrant city of Bangkok in Thailand boasts a wide range of cultural and historical attractions that are just waiting to be explored. There...


Break all the Rules and Jumpstart Your African Safari Tour

Africa is a mysterious continent for sure. A landmass of diverse nations spanning thousands of square miles. Africa is the second largest continent on...





Rhonda Krause from Travel? Yes Please! on our 1st Interview

Rhonda Krause is a travel writer and photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With her husband Mike, founded Travel? Yes Please!, a travel inspiration and...


Travel Tips & Holiday Planning

Travel Sites - Planning a trip, People Think Traveling is Escaping Life and Running Away

Travel Ideas are for Escaping Life and Running Away

Everybody says travel ideas are plans we make for escaping life and running away from...
Finding Cheap Flights - Frequent Flyer Rewards Programme

Securing Cheap Flights, How to Find a Cheaper Flight

Finding cheap flights is a breeze with our ultimate guide to locating lower cost airfare....

How to Buy Good Travel Insurance

As global travelers we need to know how to buy good travel insurance. Simply put...

Choosing the Right Travel Credit Card

Choosing the right travel credit card can be the difference between substantially reducing the cost...
Why Travel Makes You Awesome, be a nomad, self discovery, nomadic lifestyle,traveling solo

Why Travel Makes You Awesome

Travel is about self discovery, being a world explorer, invoking learning and freedom, at times...

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