The Four Best Diving Destinations in Europe

Diving at any of the four best diving destinations in Europe is an experience unlike any other. Descending into the depths, beyond the world we...


Medan is the Jewel of Sumatra Island

Medan is the Jewel of Sumatra Island. When mentioning about South East Asia region and Indonesia, everyone must be crazy with Bali. This being...


Four Alternative Safari Experiences

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Solo Traveler Rory Inspires With His Journey

In 2011, Rory left home to fulfill a dream of world travel. He started his travels in Southern Spain and have gone as far as...

Travel Tips & Holiday Planning

Travel Sites - Planning a trip, People Think Traveling is Escaping Life and Running Away

Travel Ideas are for Escaping Life and Running Away

Everybody says travel ideas are plans we make for escaping life and running away from...
Finding Cheap Flights - Frequent Flyer Rewards Programme

Securing Cheap Flights, How to Find a Cheaper Flight

Finding cheap flights is a breeze with our ultimate guide to locating lower cost airfare....

How to Buy Good Travel Insurance

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Choosing the Right Travel Credit Card

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Why Travel Makes You Awesome, be a nomad, self discovery, nomadic lifestyle,traveling solo

Why Travel Makes You Awesome

Travel is about self discovery, being a world explorer, invoking learning and freedom, at times...