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Kris Aiyer
I am a blogger, designer, world traveler, entrepreneur, tech & UX enthusiast. Traveling to new places and destinations is a big part of my life. I enjoy reading books, long drives, beaches, camping, hiking, listening to music from different countries & learning new things everyday.

Essential travel clothes for girls on the road

Let’s admit it, packing the right clothes for your road trip can be more brain-consuming than choosing essential accessories like life jackets and a...

Top Five Reasons Estonia Will Captivate Your Mind by Diana Vicky

Bordering Finland, Latvia and Russia lies a country awaiting to welcome just under three million worldwide tourists a year, and the number vastly increasing...

5 things to do in London next summer

Let's face it: London isn't always sunshine and rainbows every day of the year. And nobody wants to stroll around a famous London landmark...

9 Ways to Avoid Drama When Traveling

Airline employees are stressed, especially considering the not-so-flattering news coverage a few months ago. Though you might not be able to control in-flight incidents...

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