6 Reasons To Travel Through Cyprus

Settled south of Turkey, Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Although the island is geographically in Asia, it is politically...

5 Tips for Saving Money When Traveling

If you are going to be traveling, especially to another country, it is very important that you know how to save as much money...

Top 5 Attractions in China

China can be a great place to visit. In this article, we will show you the Top 5 Attractions in China. Of...

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Enjoy these photos from GloHoliday's very own Photo Archive. Be sure to share photos if you like them.

10 of the Coolest Looking Caves You’ve Ever Seen – Part 2

You may have read Part 1 of this Series. Here is Part 2 with the Top 5 of the Top 10 Coolest Looking...

10 of the Coolest Looking Caves You’ve Ever Seen

Let there be known that the world is blessed with different natural magnificent caves, but let me tell that we are more abundant with...

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Australia This Spring

Australia has a lot to discover. Even some of their natives didn’t know of great places to wander - extraordinary landscapes, laid-back cities, beautiful...
Athens in Winter

8 Things to Do During a Trip to Athens in the Winter Time

Nowadays most people visit Greece in summer, when temperatures are at their highest and it is possible to swim in crystal clear sea. However,...
Philippines festivals

Discover the Many Exotic Festivals of the Philippines in 2017

Get a unique glimpse into Filipino culture by seeing one of the country’s many festivals. There are plenty of Philippines festivals to see in...
Visiting Tokyo - Ginza

Visiting Tokyo, Essential Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo which is Japan’s very busy capital, mixes the ultra modern and the old and traditional. When visiting Tokyo for the first time expect...
Nashville Food Scene

The New Nashville Food Scene is a Must See for Culture and Creativity

In recent years, the Nashville food scene has grown and is widely celebrated by many foodies. The food culture has really changed in Nashville, because...
Visiting Prague

Visiting Prague, 10 Amazing Destinations in Prague That You Must See

When visiting Prague, the gorgeous capital of Czech Republic, you will learn that the city is known as the City of Thousand Spires. Indeed...
Trip to Lithuania

What Everybody Ought to Know About a Trip to Lithuania

A trip to Lithuania will create memories to last a lifetime. Lithuania is the southern-most state of the Baltic Republics in Europe, neighbouring Latvia,...
Costa Rica Volcanoes

The 6 Travel Secrets of Costa Rica That Your Missing Out On

Visiting Costa Rica for the first time opens travelers to a rugged, wild and extremely beautiful part of the world. Costa Rica is a...
DS-48 OverWatch

Discover The Secretive App That Lets You Travel in Total Safety

Ever wished you could summon your own personal fighting machine, warriors or even Jason Bourne. How about an entire special forces team to get...
Cape Town South Africa

Break All The Rules With These Hidden Places in Cape Town

Popular for the Table Mountain, events, wine lands, culture, and heritage, Cape Town is a beautiful holiday destination for all kinds of travelers. It is...
Gibraltar British Overseas Territory

Is the £12.6 Billion EU Gambling Industry in a Pickle over Brexit?

One might express a variety of opinions about Brexit. Yet, only one thing can be known for sure. Namely that things will never be...
Summer Olympic Games 2016 Rio

These Rio Olympic Hotels are a Well Kept Secret, Take a Peek

In this feature we present a selection of great places to stay in Rio. Any one of these hotels in Rio de Janeiro is...
Star Wars Land at Disney

Disney Unveils Star Wars Land at Orlando and Anaheim

Disney has unveiled the first artist's conceptual image of what it expects its new Star Wars themed land within the Disney theme parks will eventually...
Black Point Estate

Black Point Estate: A Victorian Time Capsule

The town of Lake Geneva is a quaint beach resort town that is popular attraction for visitors to stroll along Main Street to go...
3 Amazing Weather Apps to Try

3 Holiday Weather Apps You Have to Try

A great set of weather apps on our phone puts us in control. If there is one thing that can place a downer on...
The financial impact of Brexit on Travel and Holidays

The Effects of Brexit on the Cost of Travel

The Brexiteers have won. Great Britain is finally leaving the European Union. Alongside the United Kingdom's shock exit from the EU a number of...
Al Ain Island

10 Things to See and do in Abu Dhabi During 2016

The second popular UAE destination after Dubai. Abu Dhabi is attracting visitors from all over the world due to its fast expansion in the...
Fitness Holidays and Boot camps

Boot Camp, Fitness and Weight Loss Holidays

The thought of taking a bootcamp holiday is not something normally associated with booking a relaxing holiday or vacation. However if you have piled on...


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