Attention is drawn to the synchronized swimming duet competition where the main favorites are Russians Svetlana Romashina and Natalia Ishchenko. Two sets of medals will be competed for Greco-Roman style, but the Russian team will be represented only by weight to 96 kilograms (Rustem Totrov). Winners of next awards will be announced in gymnastics, diving, athletics, weightlifting and cycling track.

Grenada’s runner Kieran James
Grenada’s runner Kieran James

Grenada’s runner Kieran James won the Olympic gold medal in the 400m. Broadcast of the race was led by the channel Eurosport. The winner overcame the distance in 43.94 seconds.

The silver medal was won by Lugelin Santos (44.46) from the Dominican Republic. The bronze medal was won by  Lalonde Gordon (44.52) from Trinidad and Tobago. ames, who is the reigning world champion, became the first Olympic medalist in the history of Grenada.


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