One of the most magical holidays of a duo would be their honeymoon. It would be perfectly wonderful to trace through the adventurous Sri Lanka before moving onto the islands of Maldives and finishing the special vacation in the luxury tents surrounded by the African plains. The honeymoon destination depends on the budget, thoughts in mind and the timing. Every possible excuse will aim in adding extra light to the experience. There are so many luxury honeymoon destinations. The locations can be tailor made to suit the style of the pair. Following on the relaxing beach vacation can be framed to its perfection in the following destinations.



The Island with an underwater spa

The Huvafen Fushi in Maldives was the first underwater spa. This is where the wave’s world can be explored. This is the perfect venture of freedom and beauty.

  • A private Dhoni can be rented with a captain and a crew.
  • This is named to be a place for private sunset fishing journeys.
  • The destination is also packed with the best dolphin cruises.
  • The island might be small but has everything related to luxury and relaxation.


The heavenly Danai in Greece

The Greek Danai Beach resort is a fantastic assortment of luxurious boutique hotels. The guests are invited into some of the finest restaurants in Greece. The spas are heavily refurbished and expanded to suit the international standards. Enjoy the wide range of water sports like waterskiing, and scuba diving. The layout has a vast landscape. This is one of the most lavish sites of exploration.

Saint like Geran

The Le Saint Geran is highly recommended for honeymoons. The place is extensively packed with sports features like golf, wakeboard academy activities and tennis. The visitors can avail the splendid beach side butler service. The hotels are well established and designed. The spa in the Geran is internationally acclaimed. The place is very attractive and unobtrusive.


The Mnenbo Paradise in Tanzania

The Mnenbo island lodge in Tanzania is the best honeymoon beach destination ever. It has exclusive private islands. The place is the ultimate barefoot of splendid luxury. The cottages have a personal butler. The beaches are with perfect white sand. The sea is always clean and clear. The consign does not demand for a swimming pool. The Mnenbo is consistent in terms of weather. The dinner is always available at the beach. This is an exquisite atoll of tropical shading. The beaches have the taste of a romantic heaven. The simple but splendid islands are indeed expensive with a classic touch.


A romantic Hideout in Indonesia

The Amanwana in Indonesia is a romantic hideout for a comfortable accommodation. The place is highly impressive. The island has a variety of experiences. It routes for an unforgettable stay.

  • The cushions and loungers are a perfect set up to listen to an assortment of music.
  • The place is surrounded by an open air forest.
  • This has a platform that aids in the music articulation.
  • The tents look onto the bay and are canvassed around a lush forest.
  • The tents are furnished with elegance and extra space.
  • The white linens and the conditioning can never be experienced ever again.


Meet the eco-friendly Seychelles

The eco friendly North Island in Seychelles is an inclusive scuba diving holiday terminal. The place is reached via helicopters. The honeymoon buddies can use the North Island Buggy as their stay location. The place is named for its uninhabited luxury. There is plenty of fresh water and environmental recreation. The private pools and the sunset bar mark the Grande Anse beach in the western coastal side of the island.

Private beaches give way the most secure feeling. Luxury is never spared without champagne and a loved one. The Beach honeymoon spots décor the special moments with extra colour.


About The Author: David Everett is an expert when it comes to enjoying beach holidays. If you are looking for firsthand experience on Whitebeach Holidays for your honeymoon taking guidance from David would be the best option.

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