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Lonely Planet Destination Guides

Lonely Planet

Everyone has their own guidebook preference. Lonely Planet is one of the original travel sites. They provide a lot of really useful and helpful guides. Their travel guides are well organized, easy to digest, engaging and place much emphasis on budget travel. Lonely Planet guides now come with more photos and better maps to more accurately describe a must see destination.

Voyages SNCF Rail Cards

Voyages SNCF

If you are going to visit other countries in Europe and plan on buying a lot of train tickets, get a SNCF rail pass. This pass is for European residents only. You will save money a lot of money. It just makes sense to reduce the cost with a rail card. The cost of rail travel is reduced and you have one ticket to rule them all, no more fumbling around for lost train tickets.

RailEurope Rail Card


RailEurope does more or less the same thing as SNCF. RailEurope caters for U.S based travelers heading to explore European nations by rail. The same logic applies here, much money can be saved by using a rail card to hop onto trains and explore your favorite cities and tourist attractions in Europe.



Global explorers who are U.S based should subscribe to a T-Mobile pre paid calling plan. With this cell service, T-Mobile provides their users contract-free plans with free international data and text messaging in well over 100 countries. Using T-Mobile all cellular calls while in those countries are only 20 cents a minute. They are one of the best cell network options if you frequently fly in and out of the United States.

iwoot - I Want one of Those


I Want One of Those is an ecommerce web site. IWOOT has a great travel gear category. IWOOT provides some awesome travel gear, accessories and tech gadgets that are both unusual and and difficult to find elsewhere. Expect to find innovative, novel and unique travel gear here on IWOOT. Amazing travel stuff to push productivity boundaries on trips in ways you probably never thought possible.

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