Water Fountains - The Trevi Water Fountain in Rome, Italy

Water fountains are everywhere. We have all done it, walking past a water fountain full of rusting coins. Perhaps in the city park or by a glamorous Las Vegas hotel water fountain.

Metal shrapnel fill these fountains and water pools to the brim with money and currency. Inside find all sorts of coins from nickels, quarters, dimes, pence, euros and pounds. There is probably a coin from every major country in the world in most popular water fountains.

Every wonder where it all goes? Ever ask yourself just how much a really popular water fountain can rake in annually?

Would you be happy throwing money into a water fountain or pool not knowing where it will end up. Some proceeds from water fountains go to charity. Others inevitably go towards lining other peoples pockets.

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Money Down the Drain

The Water Fountains at the Dubai Mall
The Water Fountains at the Dubai Mall

Newspaper the ‘Sun Sentinel’ recently did an interesting piece on this very topic of what really happens to all the thrown away coins that end up in water fountains around the world.

Palm Beach County psychotherapist Fran Sherman says giving, even in tiny amounts, makes people feel good while feeding their own “wishes and plans and hopes and dreams.”
If you throw a coin into a fountain you’re making a wish, and when you’re making a wish you’re putting positive thoughts into your head,” Sherman said. “When we put positive thoughts into our head, they trigger endorphins and all the different parts of the brain click-on those ‘feel-good’ kinds of chemicals.’

There are thousands of water fountains across the world. In theme parks, outside casinos and hotels and in cultural centers. The amount of money that the general public throw into these water pools is staggering.

Water Fountain Videos

The lake at the Bellagio for example in Las Vegas makes about $12,000 USD per year, astounding sums of money.

How Much Money Exactly?

Now that you know actually why you throw your hard earned money away into random water fountains and pools, let’s look into how much money these fountains actually make. Across a single year it really stacks up. Some water fountains generate far more cash than you might ever imagine.

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Money Down the Drain

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