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10 of the Best Hotels in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico speaks to explorers with an inebriating mix of shores, rainforest, extravagance, and, in any event as critical, openness. It’s a 2.5-hour flight from Miami, and there’s no identification needed for Americans.

In the wake of touching down, you may stay at an alluring boutique inn by the destinations and nightlife of Old San Juan, or cool it at a super resort on a bluff 300 feet over the sea.

Underneath you will investigate 10 of the Best Hotels in Puerto Rico:


1) Hotel El Convento

Hotel El Convento, San Juan, Puerto RicoPhoto:

Involving a saved seventeenth century religious circle, Old San Juan’s most stylish boutique lodging is loaded with Andalusian tiles, mahogany bars, and luxurious obsolescents.

Joyfully, however, these chronicled points of interest impart the space to present day comforts like plasma Tv’s and a debauched hot tub on the 4th floor porch.

A complimentary mixed drink and-appetizers hour is held each night in the arrangement before supper.

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