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10 Crystal Clear Natural Waters to Swim This Summer

How irresistible it is to stay away from something which is cool and soothing in this blazing heat. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 crystal clear natural waters to swim around the world.


1) Little River Canyon, Alabama

Little River Canyon, Alabama

The Grand Canyon of the East was carved over a thousand years by The Little River. Being the deepest canyon of the east Mississippi River, this spectacular canyon is rich in both natural and cultural history. The little river canyon offers a number of beautiful swimming holes.  Swimmers take an advantage of their skills, jumping off the sandstone rocks into the clear blue waters at the base.

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Neha Prabhakar

A passionate travel writer, Neha does not let an opportunity to virtually travel the world through writing. Born in Delhi, India, she is a complete workaholic, loves food, beaches, coffee, chocolates, and dogs.

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