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Unfriendly Cities, 10 of the World’s Unfriendliest Cities

Unfriendly cities are the opposite to those vibrant cities with all their colour and good vibes and then there are those cities that contain their ancient charm with them ready to seek out.

But all over the world, travellers go through ups and downs while travelling to their destination.

Why is it that some of the worlds most intriguing and culturally significant cities are so unwelcoming to visitors and tourists? From excerpts collected from several travellers, we have compiled a list consisting of the most unfriendly cities of the world.

unfriendly cities

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So do give our list of unwelcoming cities a read and find out why each of these unfriendly cities have such negative markings:

Unfriendly Cities, 10 of the World’s Unfriendliest Cities


1. Cannes, South of France

The city that is famous for film festivals and celebrities walking around on the red carpet is known for its obvious reason- being too snobby. Also, the people are very cold and most of the things you’d find there are expensive.

If you happen to walk inside a restaurant, make sure, you have checked the price because otherwise, you will be paying a bill that costs half of your trip.


2. Jakarta, Indonesia

This one is just called downright dirty. With roads crowded with people and roadways that aren’t maintained properly, Jakarta fits in the list of unfriendly cities. Also, the entire place gets dirtier during the floods, making it impossible to move around.


3. Moscow, Russia

Okay, this one is quite predictable. We love the Russian accent that lingers in English, among the native speakers. But it does get annoying with no sign boards or menus in English and almost everyone speaking in Russian.


4. Cairo, Egypt

Known for it’s over friendly seeming tour guides who are either behind money or your belongings. As beautiful as it is, it is also very bad for an individually planned visit.


5. Boston, USA

It all starts with the attitude. People of Boston are way too superior or so is what they feel and hence there is no or literally zero respect to other people from other countries.

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6. New Delhi, India

It’s too dirty and we certainly do not want to waste anything and add to the existing pile in the city. Or rather, the existing city in the pile.


7. Beijing, China

There are two reasons for this. Pollution and over population, both of which add to an uncomfortable surrounding.


8. Los Angeles, USA

That is the land of all dreams. Hence that is probably everything that they are looking for among travellers. Individuals throwing tantrums and disappearing later is very common.


9. Baltimore

As of now, it is the city of charms and it has rude and mean people all over. So it mean that people wouldn’t give directions.


10. Casablanca, Morocco

This is a place where all the art and design is intact but people are just plain cold hearted. Be sure to face rejection or wrong answers while you are at Casablanca.

There you have it, unfriendly cities, 10 of the world’s unfriendliest cities and a fine list of where not to go if you are looking for a friendly good morning or welcoming smile.

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