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10 Things To Keep You Stay Safe When Traveling

You never know what lies ahead at the end of that long, winding road—especially if you’re been traversing on walkways, alleys, and streets that are less traveled—at least by you. Traveling abroad should be a safe, memorable and worry-free respite. But you can never tell. A lot of people have already fallen prey to crime and violence. At the very least, they have experienced difficulties along the way. Now, before you pack your bags and hit the airport, it pays to get a gist of the things that you need to do—and remember—to really stay safe and harm-free while on the other side of the planet.

  1. Dress modestly. You don’t want to be the target of pickpockets and robbers, right? Rather than dressing to impress, wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable and convenient while on the road.
  2. Travel light. By having few luggages, you won’t just get tired easily, you get to move faster, and still have more energy to travel farther beyond the limits.
  3. Secure your documents. According to, a volunteer travel company, make sure to bring sufficient photocopies of your passport and other necessary documents. Store them separately, in bags or envelops, or, alternatively, scan them and keep them in your email or through an online storage site.
  4. Bring first-aid kits. Accidents could happen anytime and anywhere, so be sure to have a handy first-aid kit stuffed with necessary medicines you might need when headache, fever, diarrhea or flu strikes.  Get vaccinated, too, especially when you’re visiting disease-infested places.
  5. Travel only at day. On places that you’ve never been before, never venture out at night, unless you are traveling in group.
  6. Stick to your instincts. According to, a global community for travelers, take note of the places where you’re going—street signs, markers, business names, etc. Stick to your instincts and do the necessary precautions when you feel something isn’t going right.
  7. Keep in touch with family and friends. You don’t want Mom and Dad to freak out because you didn’t post any news feeds at FB for the past 24 hours. Keep them updated every now and again about whereabouts. It could be through email, social media, or phone call. It benefits both parties. They know where to find you in case of emergency, and they can sigh with relief knowing you’re safe and happy on your trip.
  8. Don’t provide too many details about yourself. Never, ever share with strangers your complete name, address, and other information. According to globetrotter Stephanie Spitlet, keeping an air of mystery is better than risking your life.
  9. Mind the place where you are stay. Stay in places that are accessible and with elaborate security. Choose rooms that are elevated enough to discourage intruders but low enough to let you escape easily, in case of fire or earthquake.

Befriend the law. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Get a gist of the local custom, especially the laws. Mind the dress codes and familiarize the things that any traveler shouldn’t Do while traveling on certain places


About the Author – Manilyn Moreno is a writer and caterer. She spends most of her time working for Better Cater – a catering software company. On her free time, she likes trying out new recipes, jogging and planning her next trip.

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