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10 Unusual Travel Ideas to Add to your Bucket List


10 Unusual Travel Ideas to Add to your Bucket List

[tps_title]Go for Volcano Boarding[/tps_title]

Go for Volcano Boarding

You’ve probably heard of sand boarding but why not take it one step further and go volcano boarding! A cross between snowboarding and sand boarding, it involves plummeting down the side of an active volcano at around 50 mph with just a board as your weapon of choice. This is a thrilling addition to the ideas bucket list.

There are limited destinations you can do this, namely the country of Nicaragua in Central America. After all most people can’t just visit the local volcano as they tend to crop up in rather unique locations around the world.
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Volcano BoardingPhoto by Blue Sonicboy

[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] The summit of Cerro Negro is your nemesis and you will have to embark on a 45 minute hike before a short training session and then a 500 m descent. Up close and personal with an active volcano this is an activity you’ll remember for a life time!

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