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10 Unusual Travel Ideas to Add to your Bucket List


10 Unusual Travel Ideas to Add to your Bucket List

[tps_title]Ride an Animal that isn’t a Horse[/tps_title]

Ride an Animal that isn’t a Horse

I might work for a holiday car hire company but that doesn’t mean I can’t slightly less conventional transport methods. That leads me to suggestion number 5 on the ideas bucket list, riding an animal that isn’t a horse such as an elephant or a camel.
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camel riddingPhoto by Schmid-Reportagen

[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] After all, you can do that anywhere and have at the very least probably ridden a donkey on the beach when you were 5 years old.

I’m thinking more along the lines of an elephant in Thailand or a camel in Egypt! Try to find a company that cares for their animals ethically, though. It is not cool if these animals are unhappy when you sit on them all day. Do not hand over any money if you think the animals are being mistreated. Most good tour firms will treat their animals well.

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