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15 Beautiful Photos of Rome

A city to fall in love with each time one sees. Describing Rome in words is simply impossible! It’s like an open museum where every corner has a treasure to behold. Surrounded by seven hills, Rome is the heart of Italy with astounding architecture, museums and palazzo.

Here are  15 Beautiful Photos of Rome, which can drive one crazy:

1.       Rome’s Colosseum in the light of a setting sun:  One of the most memorable and stunning sights of Rome is the Colosseum. It gets more beautiful at dusk, when the rays of sun enlighten every part of the Colosseum.  




2.       The courtyard entrance of St. Peter’s Square facing into St. Peter’s Basilica: The Vatican City has the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica.

The massive elliptical open space in front of the church, St. Peter’s Square is a sight to watch in the day hours when visitors are lined up for the entrance to the church.

3.       The Arch of Titus: Situated at the highest point of Via Scara, this 50 feet tall Arch is the oldest example of Roman Arch. It was constructed to honour Titus’s popularity by his younger brother.

4.       Cafe cappuccino: Another gem to Rome is its coffee. Italy is famous for coffee and if one goes without tasting it then you have surely missed out on the best!

The idea of not drinking coffee is foreign to the Italians.  Café Palombini and Bar Del Cappuccino are among the best cafés.

5.     Overlooking the Roman Forum and the Colosseum:  Walking down the ancient heart of Rome is astonishingly beautiful.

The Roman Forum was once used for the political, judicial and ritual gatherings but now it’s simply a forum for the visitors to experience the Roman history. If you have a thirst for Italy tours then you should not miss a visit in Colosseum at all!


6.       Twin churches at the far end of Piazza Del Popolo: The centuries old Twin Churches are an epitome of beauty which not only impress but even inspire the travellers to unveil the beauty of it.  

7.       The historic bridge over the Tiber River: Rome is one kind of a city which is indefinable, its streets, churches, museums and bridges backs down to the pages of history.

The reflection of the bridge in the crystal clear blue waters of the Tiber River will surely draw your attention.   

8.       Trevi Fountain:  This magical fountain is to fall in love with. One can spend whole day here just sitting by its side. And don’t forget to throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, it brings luck!  

9.       Castel Sant’Angelo at night: The most significant historical monument of Rome is a sight to see at night.

The Castel Sant’Angelo is simply great; one is speechless and is totally awestruck with the single glimpse of it.  

10.   When old and new Rome meets: Yet another sight that will get one moved by its splendid beauty.

Just by having a look at it, it seems as if the horizon of the new and old Rome has met.    

11.   Cathedral at Piazza Navona in Rome: This amazing piece of art is beyond description. One can deeply fall in love with the architectural beauty. It is the live reflection of the ancient Roman culture.   

12.    View from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica: A thousand steps to the astounding picturesque are worth a climb. The Rome as we see in the picture stretches as far as the eye can see.

It gives one a feeling that the entire city is beneath oneself.




13.   Inside St. Peter’s Basilica: The array of sunlight coming into the church gives us a feeling that the Lord is showering his blessings onto the world by showing the beauty of a bright sunny morning after a dark night.

14.   Daily market in Campo Di Fiori: An early morning chill blended with the fragrances of fresh bread and cheese and vibrant flowers pulls one towards Campo Di Fiori.

The subtleness of the picture gives us a sense of being right there at the very moment.




15.   Early evening shadow in Rome: The setting sun bids adieu to the Roman streets and indicates the coming of a starry night.

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