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3 Luxury Thermal Resorts in Tuscany you should Visit

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is well known for its history, traditions, landscapes and its influence on high culture. It is a location, where every kind of tourist finds perfect entertainment for them. Thermal bath is amongst the most luxurious and prized activities available for enjoying in Tuscany. Italy is famous for its thermal resorts and hot springs history. Abandoned earlier, the thermal spa resorts came into existence in the 19th century.

Here are top 3 thermal resorts in Tuscany:


Bagni Di Pisa Hotel

Bagni Di Pisa Hotel

This forms a part of Italian history, where famous personalities from all over the Europe used to come in order to spend their royal holidays full of luxury and relaxation. Famous authors, Kings, authoritative cardinals and Kings have come here.

Bagni Di Pisa Hotel, Tuscany

The resort was recently restored back to it retrofit ancient luster with frescoed ceilings and various other different materials to give effect to each and every minute details. The panoramic view of Leaning Tower of Pisa is simply majestic as being watched from the hotel.

Bagni Di Pisa Hotel, italy


Grotta Giusti Thermal Resort

Grotta Giusti Thermal Resort

It is one of the most renowned thermal spas in Tuscany. The resort is built after the discovery of hot vapors well by the Giusti family. This hidden treasure is spread over 200 meters which includes stalagmites, natural pools and different other pain relieving and de-fatiguing vapors bath. A well-equipped gym, beauty farm center, relax areas, indoor oriental style spas are some of the other additional features of the cave styled hotel. Thermal water covers an area of 750 square meters of the magnificent swimming pool. An 18-hole golf course is situated at a few miles from the resort.

Grotta Giusti Thermal Resort, italy


Fonteverde spa Resort

Fonteverde spa Resort

One of the most prestigious stay is offered by Fonteverde thermal spa resort, situated at a half an hour drive from Siena. From the pool itself, one can admire the beauty of the poetic land having slightly rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. This 5-star resort offers its guests well equipped rooms with panoramic terraces and fine fabric with four poster beds.

Fonteverde spa Resort

Thermal waters at Fonteverde are filled in two pools- one external and another internal. There are 22 various kinds of waterfalls and hydro massage, cold plunged pool to cool off in summers, pet pool and a children pool. And finally there are various caterers to serve you with Tuscan recipes.




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