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3 nice facts on Melbourne accommodation

Being the capital city of Victoria, one of the busiest states of South Australia Melbourne is a very crowded place. Apart from a being a commercial capital, the fabulous weather of the place also attracts a large crowd. Some come here to make a living others are interested in making a trip across the land. It offers one of the most pleasant climatic conditions all year long. The heat isn’t too scorching in the summer months from December to March. Even the temperature during the fall doesn’t go below 0 degrees. Thus, Melbourne is one of the best locations for the tourists.

Melbourne: A Favorite Tourist Spot

Melbourne is also known for the fabulous events it plays host to every year. A lot of people from Australia and even outside it are thus attracted to this city. Also, the fact that it also has one of the best coast lines in the world, adds to its spark. Many visitors try to look for accommodation in the CBD or the Central Business District area of the city so that they could have a clear glimpse of the Yarra River. The river offers a beautiful location with its water and bridges amidst all the crowd of the CBD. One will get both affordable and luxurious accommodation facilities along the banks of the Yarra. Just think of how beautiful the experience of having a glimpse of the exotic river flowing just outside your room window will be. The sensuous beaches and the charm of the vast ocean has a lot of tourists coming for them.

Various Kinds of Accommodation

To match up to the expectation of the people, Melbourne offers varied accommodation facilities just like the great cities of the west. One will find not less than a three star hotel, which are extremely comfortable and unique in the kind of luxury they provide. The types of accommodation facilities will range from simple backpacker hostels, self-contained rooms, homes that can be rented for a week or so to the most luxurious hotel rooms. If one is looking for cheap rooms, he can always go for the backpackers which come in a rate as cheap as 150 AU$ a night. These are one of the most economic forms of Melbourne accommodation. For those who are willing to stay for a weeklong vacation, the best thing would be to go for the homes in the suburbs that can be rented for that time. These rooms are available for 150 to 200 AU$ a night.

The Luxurious Hotels

If you are ready to pay more than you can most gladly get the best 5 or 7 stars hotels in Melbourne, ensuring utmost comfort and superb luxury. It would be wise to book the rooms beforehand, if you are planning to tour Melbourne during the peak seasons. Online reservations have an advantage unique to them. One will be able to avail a great deal of discount if he makes the reservations online.


Thus, it can be concluded by saying that getting a suitable accommodation in Melbourne is not at all a matter of much difficulty, given the diverse kinds of rooms available.


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