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4 Places You Should Visit in U.S. this Christmas

Home for the Holidays – a popular saying, but as of late is starting to lose its meaning.  Christmas was once a holiday where everyone stayed home or visited family and friends.  Today, many find that the only chance they have to travel is during the Christmas season.  Many families live scattered throughout the country and with a large majority of the population on vacation between Christmas and New Years’, it is the perfect time for family travel.


So, perhaps you will find yourself traveling this holiday season.  Unsure where to go?  There are many destinations in the US that exude Christmas.  Christmas celebrations are enjoyed by thousands of people every year across the US and our list below will help you choose just the right destination for you and your family this holiday season.


Outside Delight

magnificent mile christmasPhoto Courtesy

Chicago, Illinois is host to some of the most spectacular outside activities for Christmas and is very well known for several of them.  If you love Christmas lights, you can visit the millions of holiday lights strayed upon the Magnificent Mile, or perhaps you like old-fashioned shopping at its best.

The Christ kindl market is a large outdoor market that is a favorite for locals as well as tourists.  Inspired by a Germany market in 1545, this market features plenty of Christmas staples (such as nutcrackers and hand blown ornaments), as well as food and drink.  Let’s not forget a trip to the holiday themed park that includes an indoor skating rink.  Fun for the entire family!

A Magical Treat

 taos new mexico christmasPhoto Courtesy

Taos, New Mexico is a remote village that is known for its unique and traditional filled Christmas celebrations.  Their rich culture is brought to life during the holiday season and is amazing and humbling to partake in.  Many that have participated in their celebrations boost being transported to another time and place.  From the tranquil candle-lit farolitos to the ceremonial reenactments, this is a Christmas celebration you will not want to miss.  If you love tradition, you will get lost in it here.

Mountain top Escape

Durango, Colorado christmasPhoto Courtesy

Durango, Colorado is the mountain Christmas you have always dreamed of.  Have you received a holiday card with the cute little cabin in the mountains covered in snow?  Well you can have your very own holiday card vacation in this relaxing holiday spot.  The natural surroundings make this a very memorable and relaxing Christmas holiday spot, but not to worry, they have some of the most extravagant holiday celebrations around.  A true feeling of community and togetherness drape this pristine town.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, IndianaPhoto Courtesy

Santa Claus, Indiana has a head start on many other holiday celebration spots, with a name that exudes Christmas!  This Christmas spot is perfect for all ages, but those with small children will love the realness of this holiday celebration.  You can enjoy Christmas dinner with Santa at Santa’s Lodge, you can roast chestnuts on an open fire and see wood carving demonstrations.  Let’s not forget to visit Rudolph’s story shown at the Land of Lights’.


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