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Things to Do in Thailand, 5 Amazing Things You Should Try

With so many sights to see and an endless list of things to do in Thailand. Visitors will discover that Thailand is a beautiful country where anyone can have an amazing experience, no matter their particular tastes.

It’s very hard to sum up all the best experiences throughout the Land Of Smiles in just one article. However here’s just a few amazing things you simply HAVE to try on your next visit.

things to do in Thailand - Thailand Sunset

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Things to do in Thailand

1. Experience A Local Festival

There’s plenty of celebrations going on throughout the year in Thailand. Visitors are welcome to join in the fun! Not only will you have a blast but you’ll get to experience the local customs and traditions first hand.

Perhaps the most notable things to do in Thailand are the festivals that occur throughout the year. These Thai festivals are Songkran (Thai New Year) on April 13th, Loy Krathong in November and the natural phenomenon of the Naga Fireballs in October.

Make sure you check if your vacation coincides with any of these festivals!


2. Take A Cooking Class

There’s no better things to do in Thailand than to experience the world famous Thai cuisine than at its source. Why not take it a step further and immerse yourself in a Thai cooking class?

You can find these Thai cooking classes practically anywhere and they range from a few hours to multi day professional courses. By actually learning how to cook the local dishes you’ll benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the local culture.

Thai cooking is surprisingly simple and you’ll soon be turning a few simple ingredients into wonderfully flavorful dishes. Definitely something for all food lovers to try!

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3. Take in the Natural Beauty

Besides the things to do in Thailand such as the typical temples and monuments. Thailand is full of breath taking natural scenery.

Take a refreshing swim in one of the many waterfalls that dot the country or immerse yourself among the tropical flora and fauna in one of the many national parks.

Witness natural wonders out at sea such as; the Phi Phi islands or the Ang Thong National Marine Park in Koh Samui. The natural beauty of it all is enough to humble even the most seasoned traveller!


4. Go SCUBA Diving

Surrounded by 2 different bodies of water, Thailand is a diver’s paradise! It’s warm, tropical waters are absolutely teeming with fish and a huge variety of soft and hard corals.

Both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand offer plenty of options for all diver levels. Diving experiences range from seasoned pro to complete beginner. This makes Thailand one of the most popular diving destinations worldwide.

Once you take the plunge it’s easy to see why so many choose to give up their day jobs and move here as SCUBA instructors!


5. Take Local Transport

I’m not talking about the infamous overpriced taxis. For a real authentic & unique experience, try using local transport such as Tuk Tuks, motorbike taxis, Songtheaws and Baht busses.

They’re cheap and effective travel options in the larger cities and towns. Trust me nothing comes close to zooming through Bangkok traffic in rush hour on the back of a motorbike taxi!

If your travels take you to the seaside, a longtail boat tour is definitely not to be missed.

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