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5 Best Adventure Activities To Try In Singapore

The Lion City Of Singapore is the most expensive city on earth. There are so many unique and wonderful adventure activities to experience for the travelers in Singapore.  Especially if you are an adventure seeker, you will be spoiled with choices in Singapore. Here are the top five adventure activities you must try while in Singapore:

1. Driving On the F1 Track

Things to do in singapore

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Always wanted to drive a supercar? If you are a fan of Formula 1 racing, you can have the thrill and adventure of driving a real F1 car in Singapore.

You can choose between the suave Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and the sexy Ferrari F430 F1 Spider as your supercar. There are four different routes you can experience this thrilling adventure activity. You can either go for challenging f1 style paddle gear box or just cruise on automatic mode. Depending on the route you choose, it can cost you as little as S$298 to S$798.

2. Indoor Skydiving

Things to do in singapore

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Skydiving is always one of the most fun adventure activities to try. If you are not brave enough to try real skydiving, you can at least try the indoor skydiving in Singapore. iFly, located in Sentosa Island,  is the largest indoor skydiving simulator in the world. The 5 meter in diameter, five story building a high tunnel of iFly allows you free-flying adventure with your best friends or mates. The instructors can help you with take-off.  This Singapore adventure activity costs$89-s$119 for two skydives.

3. Forest Adventure

Singapore might be a busy city, but it boasts of limitless opportunities for forest adventure, allowing you to unleash your inner Tarzan by tackling 44 different obstacles in Bedok Reservoir Park. The obstacles include hanging nets, to wobbly logs, and swinging trapezes to elevated bridges. The 2.5-hour tree-top obstacle adventure can be a great fun experience for both adults and kids alike. You can also for tremendously long zip-line adventure as well. It allows you to fly over the reservoir. It costs S$36 for kids and S$50 for adults. No worries, the park authority will provide you with all the safety equipment you need.

Things to do in singapore

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4. Cable Skiing

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Cable wakeboarding or cable-skiing is just like water skiing but with a cable system. SKI360 cable skiing facility in Singapore is located in East Cost Park. Up to 8 individuals can ski at a time. It costs $38 to $50 per hour. Instructors help you with basics, and you can learn many fun tricks. You will see professionals doing 180 degrees to 360 degree jumps with obstacles like wall rides and fun boxes.

5. Mangrove Kayaking

Things to do in singapore

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Pulau Ubin Mangrove forest is a perfect place to go exploring with personalized guides. If you particularly like kayaking, a 4-hour floating adventure in this mangrove forest reserve can be an unforgettable adventure activity for you.


Singapore is one of the most well-planned cities in the world. If you want to enjoy the best of Singapore, you need to spend an extended period of time there. You can live in Singapore as an expat. If you are a native English speaker, you can easily be an English tuition teacher in Singapore and earn your living.


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