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5 Marvellous Clubs in Majorca to Dance All Night

Majorca is famous for some of the hottest nightlife action in Europe. There are huge clubs that accommodate up to 5,000 people each night and attract the best known DJs, and there are also more intimate clubs with smaller crowds and more privacy. Visitors and locals will find a dazzling nightclub to suit every taste. The top five clubs in Majorca in no particular order are:


1. BCM Planet Dance

BCM Planet Dance, Magaluf, is number seven of the top one hundred clubs worldwide. It attracts the best artistes, club brands and DJs in the world. The cavernous Main Room has state of the art laser and light shows and the best sound system available anywhere. During the summer they fill the room with foam for their famous foam party. It is the only club in Majorca that rivals the nightclubs in Ibiza. It has three bars and resident as well as guest DJs. The top floor is reserved for hardcore clubbers and has a new sound system and laser show.

2. Disco Karussell

Disco Karussell in CalaMillor has Caribbean and Brazilian dancers and plays German and international dance music. There are three bars, a VIP lounge in the newly renovated building. The stage has great shows of dancers as well as illusionists and hypnotists. Situated near the best beaches on the island, it’s a fantastic place to keep the party going.

3. Tito’s

Tito’s in Palma City is one of the most popular clubs in Palma. Guests take a glass elevator from PaseoMaritimo to the very classy club. It has six bars, a fantastic laser show and spectacular views from the chill-out terrace that overlooks Palma Bay. Tito’s has been a top club in Majorca since the 1950s and 1960s when it hosted Marlene Dietrich and Ray Charles. Today, the music is the latest Garage and Rhythm and Blues. It offers a world class clubbing experience in the middle of Palma City.

4. Menta

Menta, Alcudia is the best and biggest club in Alcudia. The building looks like a Roman temple and it has seven bars, an open air swimming pool and the mixture of disco and Spanish music attracts tourists and locals. Wherever they are from, guests dress up for this club, and it is a little pricier than some other clubs, but it is well worth it.

5. Virtual

Virtual, Illetas, is an unusual club located in a cave just outside of Palma City. Its restaurant, bar and club are all inside the natural caves on the Illetas sea front. They offer the latest house music for the dance floors, but in the chill-out area, where there are hammocks, the music is more relaxed. This club offers something unique in the clubbing scene and should not be missed.


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