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5 Must-Have Travel Apps in 2013

We’ve gone from the rise of the internet in the 90’s to the smartphone era in the 20’s. I had to wait until I was 16 before I was allowed by first phone. Kids in today’s day, though, are calling and texting before they can walk. The increase in the use of smartphones is seen most in the travel industry—for both business and personal trips. There are endless lists of apps available for anyone to download within one-click. Here are my recommendations of five apps you must have for your trips in 2013.



You’re not going to be walking around having mastered the language of your chosen destination within a few hours. But TripLingo will certainly help you get by. It will impress the locals, too. The app will create a teaching plan that’s personalised for you. Just select the time you want to spend learning the language, what you want to learn, and whether you wish to present yourself as formal or informal. TripLingo then generates exactly what you need.  Certainly a great app for those who love talking to people they meet on their travels.

Google Maps

The launch of the IOS 6 wasn’t welcomed much by travellers. Just as we expected, Apple tried their maps app which was just next to useless. Fortunately, Google just released the Google Maps App that is available for everyone to download at no cost. The app will give you information on bikes, walking directions, and public transit. Just like the old Google Maps app, you’ll still need a connection to the internet.


HotelClub recently launched a new hotel booking app which really makes a traveller’s life easier. It ties together highlighted features from a collection of other hotel apps out there—all your information is in one place, flowing effortlessly well together. You can literally book a hotel “with only 3 taps” from the search menu. HotelClub provide a map that shows you any hotels nearby. You can also get useful information like reviews and pictures of specific hotels you’re looking for. Sort your choices by location and filter out hotels that don’t allow pets, have internet availability, a spa, airport shuttles, etc.

The app provides mobile-exclusive discounts as well as member points with each booking. Collecting HotelClub member points can lead to a discount on future hotel bookings.


Urbanspoon is a great dining app whether you’re travelling or not. You may be bored of your usual food choices and need some excitement. Or you may actually be travelling and looking to try some new food. Wherever you are, a new experience can be very satisfying. Open up the Urbanspoon app and find recommended restaurants are your area. Just give it a shake as you would a Magic 8 Ball from your childhood and you’ll be given restaurant names. If you’re still undecided, use reviews from Eater and Zagat that load up right on the app.

Packing Pro

The worst feeling when you travel is leaving something important behind. You get a shiver down your spine when the moment of realisation hits; a real mood-killer. Use Packing Pro to help you create and edit lists when you’re in the packing process. This ensures that you won’t forget anything behind, especially if you’re travelling for business. If your job has you moving around often, it’s easy to get mixed up. Forgetting important documents and files can be a big mistake. Packing Pro will give you new ideas and generate lists depending on the destination’s weather conditions and your holiday length.

About the Author

Sohaib is an adventure travel addict who enjoys exploring new and hidden depths in the world. When he isn’t around and about, he is writing for HotelClub, an online hotel booking website that provide London hotel deals and more.

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