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5 Must-See Doors in London with ‘Dark’ Secrets

London is a playground for those with a desire to unravel dark historic secrets. Hidden behind doors in every neighborhood, people from near or far can venture through alleys and watch as history unfolds a world of mysteries and sinister moments in time.  If you find yourself intrigued to learn more about a city filled with secrets or perhaps just need a way to pass a lazy Sunday; we have a list of five interesting doors to get you started on your adventure.

The London Dungeon

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We suggest beginning at the door located at 28 Tooley Street, which houses the London Dungeon. One of the few doors you can enter, it will lead you through a vivid history lesson on bloody London. Filled with a fun interpretation that will excite children and adults alike, London’s gory history comes to life through actors, rides and special effects.  Beware, once you enter the door to London Dungeon you may be dying to get out! Once you have learned a brief history of some of London’s dark secrets at the London Dungeon you can head straight to the doors that house some of these un-nerving events.

Jack the ripper

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World famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper has an entire tour dedicated to the sites where each of his victims were found or places they hung out regularly. If you head over to 29 Hanbury Street there is a door in the back yard where the body of Annie Chapman was found on Saturday September 8, 1888. In the same area you can walk past the door of the Ten Bells a public house on Commercial Street where Annie was known to hang out.

The great fire of London

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Another sinister sight to visit would be the door to Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane. Stand in the birthplace of the Great Fire of London and try to comprehend the devastation that hit 70,000 out of 80,000 homes during the late 1600’s. Striking at the tail end of the black plague; London was certainly ready to close the door on that year.

The Tower of London

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Get a taste of English Royalty and stop in at the Tower of London, but do not leave until you have visited the door of the most feared prison in England; the Bloody Tower. The place where bodies were deposited and famous were held prisoner, but more intriguing is the mystery of the Princes in the Tower. When King Edward IV died his sons were locked up inside only to later disappear forever.


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Of course for a more modern door of interest and for all of those James Bond fans, 39 Furnival Street will leave you a bit puzzled. Behind a door that is tucked away amongst your average office buildings lies MI6 and a whole world of secrets. A building that could easily go un-noticed, unless of course you pay close attention to the industrial size cast iron pulley or the wide gapping air vent above the large unmarked black doors. A city within a city that was once part of the Official Secrets Act and doors that lead to tunnels which go on forever.

Of course this is only a few of the doors in London that will lead to the weird and wonderful secrets of London’s extensive past. With a city packed full of history you could get lost for days exploring its alleys and doorways, but remember that some secrets are better left unknown.

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