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5 Of The World’s Incredible Revolving Restaurants

Revolving restaurants have increasingly grown in popularity in many places worldwide. They are usually fitted with revolving floors and situated at the top of a skyscraper or hotel. This provides occupants with stunning views as they enjoy sumptuous meals or beverages. A visit to a revolving restaurant makes for a memorable occasion that avails a bird’s eye view of the traffic below and other landmarks. The most popular revolving or rotating restaurants in the world include:


1. The View Restaurant, New York

Tourists in New York City can take some time out and sample the View Restaurant. It is situated atop the Marriott Marquis Hotel specifically on the 47th and 48th floors. Here, people are sure to marvel at the picturesque views of various landmarks in the city including the Hudson River. Getting there is a simple process that involves taking an elevator from the third floor. People have the choice of visiting the lounge, located on the 48th floor, or accessing the restaurant, which is located on the 47th floor.

After every hour, the restaurant normally makes a 360-degree revolution. This is undoubtedly an enthralling experience coupled with delicious cuisines on the menu. Conveniently, all major credit cards are accepted at The View.

2. Piz Gloria, Switzerland

Located in mountain top surroundings, the Piz Gloria restaurant provides a scenic view of the landscape of Bernese Oberland. Just like The View, this rotating restaurant rotates after every hour to provide visitors with wonderful views of the high altitudes. Piz Gloria comes complete with 400 diners that serve customers with a variety of delicacies and drinks. Normally, visitors would have to make reservations beforehand. This is worthy in lieu of the panoramic view that the Piz Gloria restaurant guarantees.

3. 360 Bar and Dining Sydney, Australia

Elegance, comfort and breathtaking views are some of the features that characterize the 360 Bar and Dining rotating restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Granted, it provides visitors with memorable views of the Sydney skyline. It also boasts of a touch of elegance thanks to the lovely ambience in the restaurant. In turn, the ambience is reflected through the cool lighting and mahogany wood finishes. This ensures that guests can enjoy their meals comfortably in a serene environment. It is also a perfect restaurant for popping the champagne to commemorate a specific occasion. With regards to the cuisine, 360 Bar and Dining has carved out a reputation for finger-licking meals courtesy of the expertise of its skilful chefs. Coupled with great service, the restaurant duly ranks as a leading rotating restaurant in the world.

4. Orbit Revolving Restaurant, New Zealand

Located on top of the Sky Tower in Auckland, the Orbit Revolving Restaurant stamps its authority as a top restaurant in the world. This is evident when one walks into the restaurant—stylish decor and amazing views of Auckland city immediately catch the eye. This is in addition to a diverse menu that caters for the dietary needs of everybody. For people who may need to quench their thirst, the restaurant also provides various beverages like cocktails, spirits, wines and beer. The Orbit Revolving Restaurant is suitable for various activities such as private functions, romantic dining and business dining among others.

5. Al Dawaar Restaurant, Dubai

Those visiting Dubai should ultimately visit the Al Dawaar Restaurant. Here, guests will be treated to eye-catching views of the Gulf waters. It is also a perfect opportunity for guests to sample the Dubai skyline and other landmarks of the city. As pertains to cuisines, tourists need not worry about looking for their favourite dishes. Al Dawaar specializes in international delicacies expertly prepared by professional chefs.

Jessica is an Events Manager with Trippas White Group in Sydney, Australia. Jessica has a fascination with revolving restaurants, and aims to visit as many as she can around the world.

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