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5 Orlando Theme Parks to visit This Summer

Orlando is the theme park destination of the world. There are more theme parks in the area then anywhere else so look no further for the coolest, more exciting, and fun family vacation ever! Any of these parks will do, but if you can fit in all 5 this summer then you just might win parents of the year because your child wants nothing more than to be in the movies, hang with Mickey, and fly in to space. There is no place else to get a fantastic, fun and even educational experience than the Orlando theme parks.


Epcot Center

Technology and culture wrapped in fun is how one could describe Epcot Center. Future world is another world with high tech technology featuring energy, space activity and astronomy. An educational experience for everyone especially growing minds.

Epcot CenterPhoto:

If you happen to be a culture addict and or have future traveler on your hands, then Epcot will transport you and your curious kid to another world. Epcot highlights 11 fantastic countries from around the world, like Italy and Morrow, as if you are actually in the country. Rides, foods, and activities that are educational and you don’t even know it.


Universal Studios

Universal StudiosPhoto:[email protected]

So you’re a movie and TV buff are you? Well This is the best place for you to be. Here you can walk the streets of Hollywood, San Fransisco, and New York City all while being the star in your own movie and taking a ride though “The Mummy” in the same day. The possibilities here are nearly endless and sure to be a fun and fantastic memory for years to come.


The Magic Kingdom

The Magic KingdomPhoto:

One of the original Walt Disney attritions, this place is truly magical. Cinderella’s castle is the iconic symbol of this phenomenal little world, but there are plenty of other little worlds to see while you’re here. Adventureland takes you through a jungle and on to a pirate boat with the Pirates of the Caribbean. After you can twirl around in big huge tea cups in Fantasyland. The famous space mountain is a must-ride and you can find it in Tomorrowland. Discover all the worlds in Magic Kingdom and get Disney World tickets for the family to see all it has to offer.


Islands of Adventure

Jurassic Park River AdventurePhoto:

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is really fun for everyone. There are harrowing roller coasters to brave, dinosaurs to dodge in the Jurassic Park River Adventure, and a chance to fly around Hogwart’s at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When you’re done with that it’s time to play superhero on the Marvel Super Hero Island, and then cool off at the Toon Lagoon.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood StudiosPhoto:

Let’s take it back to the movies kids! There are some really cool stunt shows to catch that will blow your mind as well as other live shows. There are rides and other attractions, one the favorites being the terrifying Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. But only if you dare.

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