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5 Places with Spectacular Christmas Lights Around the World

Christmas lights have been a time honored tradition, since 1880, when Thomas Edison created the first electric Christmas light display.  For centuries these little twinkling lights have awed viewers, so much so that people from around the world will travel to other destinations, just to get a glimpse of a lighting display.


Today, these light displays and light shows are ever so impressive.  With the advancement in technology and the use of incredible imagination, you can view Christmas light displays that are mind blowing.  Here are just a few of the most spectacular Christmas lights around the world:


Kobe Luminarie – Kobe, Japan

Kobe Luminarie – Kobe, Japan

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This brilliant use of lights, is used to observe the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995.  Each year there is a new theme, with this year celebrating Kobe, the City of Dreams and Lights.


Champs, Elysees – Paris, France

Champs Elysees with Christmas Lights

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Traveling this road during the holiday season will leave you feeling enchanted.  With 200 trees that light the way for you, you will witness hundreds of LED lights that change color throughout the course of the evening.


Ayala Triangle Gardens Manila, Philippines

Ayala Triangle Gardens  at christmas

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This amazing natural haven is home to an illuminated masterpiece.  The gardens and courtyard are surrounding by the business district, but as you make your way through the park, the spectacular light show is enveloped by Christmas hymns and songs that are in time with the light show.


Silver Dollar City Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City at christmas

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This hometown atmosphere is home to one of the most amazing Christmas village and light displays in the world.  As the sun sets, you will see more than five million sparkling lights, and over 1,000 Christmas trees.  The scene seems to come to life with the musical productions or parades.


Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens at christmas

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With a rich holiday history, this garden is drenched in tradition.  Their extravagant light displays have been part of their festivities for hundreds of years.  They include not only light displays, but also fireworks.


No matter what taste in light display’s you have, you are sure to find an amazing display of Christmas lights.  You may even have one in your own hometown.

These illuminating masterpieces have become a staple of the holiday season and Christmas.  So, whether you are traveling this holiday season or traveling around town, get out your camera, stop…  and, enjoy what the season has to offer – spectacular Christmas light displays that you will remember for years and have you staring for hours!  Enjoy your holiday light viewing!


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