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5 Reasons to Rent a car Abroad

If you’re a regular traveller abroad, the chances are that you’ve already tried your hand at the unenviable task of organising your own vehicle to make the journey with you. Getting your own car insured on foreign land can be hassle all by itself, and if you’re making a far flung journey it’s often impractical, or even impossible, to bring your trusted vehicle with you.

The simple fact is that even if you already own a car, renting a vehicle when you’re abroad may very well be the best option. Here, we present just a few reasons why.

1) Do things your way

When renting a vehicle abroad, you have complete control and freedom over how you spend your time. You can even arrange to collect your rented car from the airport, so you can acclimatise to the driving conditions in your destination right away. Once settled in, you won’t be dominated by the schedules and itineraries of package holidays, you can go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want.


2) Get off the tourist trail

Having access to a vehicle while you’re abroad means that you won’t necessarily be bottle-necked in with every other traveller at each honey pot tourist spot. You’ll be free to travel at not-necessarily peak times, and avoid the chaos that package tours can bring. Take in the sights at your own leisure and play by your watch.


3) Forget the hassle of foreign public transport

Attempting to get to grips with public transport abroad often results in stress, panic and above all else, limitations. Without a hire car, your daily activities turn out to be stuck in synchronisation with the bus or train timetable, and your journeys each day won’t have the luxury of comfort – never ideal if you’re travelling with a family. It’s either that or choosing to catch taxis each day, where the prices charged by the local drivers may not be as acceptable as you expected.


4) Push the boundaries

Your holiday should always be a special time and restrictions shouldn’t apply. With a rented car, you’ll be able to break free from your chosen resort and pay a curious visit to the next town, city or even country. You’ll have the ability to break away from saturated hotspots and absorb lesser-touched culture with locals in smaller towns. Get more than you bargained for!


5) Make it fun for all the famil

When travelling with children, it’s always of utmost importance to make the trip as smooth as possible. Being stuck on crowded buses with strangers or waiting for trains in the sweltering heat may not be the wisest move in trying keep the kids happy. Travelling at your own schedule means you can provide toilet breaks, chances for the children to stretch their legs and even adding extra safety with the provision of car seats for younger passengers.


The bottom line is that hiring a car overseas can become the most important, efficient and practical step you’ll take when planning for your trip abroad.

Enjoy the sense of freedom that it can bring and don’t look back!


Written by Barrie from Ferry to France – planyour route to France and use our ferry price comparison to compare the prices of ferry operators.

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