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5 Ways of Uncovering the Perfect Hotel Among Chicago’s Limitless Options

There are a lot of very good reasons to visit the city of Chicago. There is a vibrant professional sports tradition that includes successful teams from every major North American professional sports league and there is also a wide variety of music genres to choose from as well. The key to enjoying your stay in Chicago is using available resources to find the perfect hotel at the right price.

Staying Near Downtown


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If you find a hotel near the Chicago Loop, then you have access to many of the events that go on downtown. There is also the waterfront, which is home to many of the city’s summer festivals. Hotels such as the Hyatt Regency Chicago utilize the major routes and locations to make sure that visitors are always close to where they need to be. Chicago is a big city, so you’ll want to stay at a hotel close to where you need to be. If there’s a lot of traffic, you may have to walk!

Sightseeing Options

chicago attractions

Chicago has a lot of attractions and sites that visitors like to experience when they come to the area. When you are looking for the perfect Chicago hotel, sometimes the best choice is a hotel that is near the more popular sightseeing options in the city. The South Side and Old Town are just two examples of attractions that bring in people from all over the world. To make your stay more convenient in Chicago, try to get a room in a hotel that has easy access to the site you want to visit.

A Lakeside View

Lake Michigan

Chicago sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and it’s one city that knows how to utilize its waterfront. The nighttime along the waterfront in Chicago reveals a skyline that has been featured in countless movies and television shows. Chicago truly is a beautiful city, and you can enhance your stay by getting a room in a hotel that overlooks the lake and allows you to see just one of the views that has made Chicago so famous.

A Sporting Theme

chicago wrigley field

Wrigley Field in Chicago is so prominent that the area surrounding the stadium is referred to as Wrigleyville. There is an aura around each of the professional sports venues in Chicago that any sports fan would appreciate. A good way to book a hotel in the city is to get one which is close to the many sports related locations in the area. The championship history of many of Chicago’s professional sports franchises makes this a great city for sports fans.

Movie Locations

Popular movies such as The Blues Brothers and The Dark Knight were filmed in Chicago. It can be a thrill to get a room in a hotel that is close to a movie location that brings back memories and allows you to see a world-famous Chicago street or building.

When you stay in Chicago, you have a lot of hotels to choose from. Instead of making a random choice, you should spend some time researching the options that Chicago has to offer and get a room in a hotel that will make your stay memorable.

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