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3 Amazing Weather Apps to Try

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3 Holiday Weather Apps You Have to Try

A great set of weather apps on our phone puts us in control. If there is one thing that can place a downer on the trip of a lifetime then surely it is adverse weather.

While it may not be possible (yet) to manipulate the weather we can at least see what it has in store for us with a certain degree of accuracy. In this feature I take a closer look at 3 unique weather apps you have to try. These being the weather apps that I use on my travels around the world.

What is a Weather App You Ask?

Weather apps run most typically on smartphones, tablet devices and to a lesser extent desktop computers and more modern televisions. They cary in complexity, features and functionality.

Weather Apps to Try

If there is one thing that can place a downer on the trip of a lifetime then surely it is adverse weather. Here we look at 3 cool ways to check the weather.

Some weather apps are designed to function as fully fledged weather forecasting tools. These apps will provide 7-14 day forecasts, rainfall projections, historical weather, even weather on other planets in some cases.

These type of weather apps can normally be downloaded from one of the major app stores such as Google Play or iTunes. In fact weather functionality is often embedded into the operating system of the latest smartphones, tablets and computers.

Third party weather apps bridge the gap between what might come as standard under iOs or Android and the need for enhanced weather forecasting and reporting.

Other Types of Weather App

Some of the more imaginative weather apps found on the app stores include the following features:

  • Storm distance tracking
  • Mood and emotive weather
  • Hurricane forecasters
  • Weather for pets

This is in addition to the heavy hitting weather apps such as those provided by major organisations such as the BBC for example. In broad terms there are weather apps for every conceivable purpose.

Most of us in seeking a weather app simply want to know if our sun holiday is actually going to deliver some sun. Or if our time skiing in the Alps is going to come with much snow or not. Simple weather projections that nevertheless can make or break a holiday abroad.

Using Weather Widgets

Weather widgets are similar to apps but function in a slightly different way. Whereas a weather app will load up a fully fledged application with all sorts of forecasting features. A weather widget is designed to be much more snackable.

Meaning it offers quick snack bites of the weather information that you need. Widgets do not occupy too much space on the home screen of your phone either. A weather widget provides ‘at a glance’ insight into what the weather outside is up to. They are often set and forget and extremely useful when on holiday.

3 Holiday Weather Apps You Have to Try

With so many weather apps all vying for valuable space on my phone or tablet sorting out the wheat from the chaff is not the easiest of tasks. In this feature I have avoided using the weather apps built into operating systems. All these weather apps and widgets are third party downloads. They are either free or include small in app purchases for enabling enhanced weather features.

Grumpy Weather

Grumpy Weather App for iOS and Google Play

Now this is a fun interesting take on checking the weather. Grumpy Weather is a light hearted way for checking the weather outside and applying a mood and grumpy character to the forecast.

We all know how annoyed we get seeing black clouds on the first day of a sun holiday. Or having a wedding day ruined by torrential rain and wind. Or hair blown backwards immediately after leaving the salon. We may not be able to control the weather but we can find some much needed humor when it blows a gale outside with Grumpy Weather.

So basically when the weather outside totally irritates us and we get really mad, we can get even with the Grumpy Weather app. This is a cool mood type weather app for Android and iOS. The basic app is free on iTunes and Google Play. On Android the app functions as a cool home screen weather widget.

If you like Grumpy Weather, it is available for free although you can add extra fun characters and weather mood texts for a tiny fee. A great, fun and unique way of letting off steam when the weather outside doesn’t go your way.

Download Grumpy Weather on Google Play
Download Grumpy Weather on the App Store


Accuweather Weather App

With a long-range, 15-day forecast and a very useful ‘at a glance’ temperature and climate graphs, Accuweather is a comprehensive and feature rich weather app. You can download the app to get a personal forecast for outdoor sports, social events, DIY and other weather critical activities. Accuweather is free for iOS and Android devices.

Using Accuweather users gain a clear summary of what the weather is like right now. If big changes in the weather are imminent then Accuweather will let you know. Simply scroll down the app screen down to see what to expect weather wise for the rest of the day. You can view the current levels of humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, sun index, pressure, and so forth.

Download Accuweather on Google Play
Download Accuweather on the App Store

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo Weather AppWe were reluctant at first to look at a weather app from a big bloated corporate giant like Yahoo. However the Yahoo Weather app actually won an Apple Design Award back in 2013 and it’s quite clear why that was so.

The image backdrop on Yahoo Weather is a beautiful photograph of your location in the world or images of the weather as it is right now taken directly from Flickr, which Yahoo! also owns. The weather app provides wind pressure and sun and moon phases in addition to regular detailed weather forecasting.

Scroll down on the Yahoo Weather app screen to check an hourly forecast, and set the option of a five day forecast or a 10 day weather forecast depending what you need the most. Perfect for checking out most holiday weather when you do not need to look more than 10 days ahead.

Download Yahoo Weather on Google Play
Download Yahoo Weather on the App Store

Final Thought

A weather app should be fun and convenient. Sometimes too many features on a phone are simply a hindrance. On the other hand a weather app should be detailed enough and accurate so as to be of real use.

Also weather can be very boring to most people who aren’t mathematicians so it is interesting to see apps finding new, novel ways to add some much needed fun to checking the weather. Adding some light and sunshine to an otherwise dull but essential past time.

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