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5+1 Must see Landmarks in Australia

If you have already succeeded at getting a visitor visa, then you are on your way to having your dream holiday.

Truth be told, any time is a good time to be somewhere in Australia. Depending on what you want to see and do, you can experience Australia in many different ways.  And like any other holiday, you may want to plan your trip ahead to catch the best weather as Australia’s size means there’s a lot of climatic variation.

The visitor visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up to 12 months, to provide you with time to explore the different landmarks in the country.

Here is a quick list of the places you ought to see while in Australia.

  1. Sydney Opera House
    Sydney Opera House
    This is perhaps the most recognisable landmark in Australia. It was on October 20, 1973 when Queen Elizabeth II opened this site to the public. To date, there are about 3,000 performances in the Sydney Opera House every year and about a 2-million yearly audience which make it one of the busiest venues in the world. The Sydney Opera House represents Australia just as the Eiffel Tower represents France.
  2. Sydney Harbor Bridge
    This bridge is also locally known as the Coat hanger. Its highest point reaches 134 meters above the harbor and is the world’s biggest steel arch bridge. If you want to have the most spectacular view of Sydney, then you should try the Bridge Climb where you will be escorted through the bridge’s network of catwalks that will lead you to the top of the span of the bridge’s center.
  3. Uluru/Ayers Rock
    Uluru Rock
    This is the largest monolith in the world which rises to 348 meters and has a circumference of 9.4 kilometers. A monolith is a single piece of stone. Formerly called Ayers Rock, the Uluru is being revered as a spiritual place for the Pitjantjatjara people of the region.
  4. Great Barrier Reef
    Great Barrier Reef
    If you want to see the largest coral reef system in the world, then the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see. It stretches up to 2600 kilometers. Here you can find the dugong, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, and species of dolphins.
  5. Port Arthur
    Port Arthur
    This area originally served the British Empire as a timber station which had a convict population of 1100 in the 1840s. This is a place that represents a huge part of the Australian history.
  6. Kangaroo Island
    Kangaroo Island
    This is where the wildlife of Australia can be seen. There are the platypus, kangaroo, and wallabies. There are also caves and rock formations that prove to be a wonder in Australia.

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