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5+1 Holiday Spots You Can Visit

Winter time is among the best moments when people search for more afield to feel the scorching heat of the sun, but not all feel like doing the same. After all, what better means is there to conquer the freezing temperature than embracing it through adventures like cross country travels for snowboarding, skiing, and more? The choice is yours! Whether you want to go out to feel ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, you are sure to enjoy.

Where are the most recommended areas to travel to during winter days?

island of Madeira

If you are fond of travelling on air, then you may consider bringing your family or friends to the majestic island of Madeira. It is a perfect destination for winter sun. Madeira nearly has everything life can offer. The place boasts of beautiful architectures and museums, world class accommodations, exciting walking trails, lush gardens, and sandy, white beaches.

Cape Verde Islands

Other popular and recommended destinations for people who wish to have winter sun are Cape Verde Islands. A charming blend of Brazilian, Portuguese and African ethos, there is so much to learn and enjoy. You can go to the Arabian Gulf via plane in less than 7 hours and get beautiful sunshine, wide beach shores, and comfortable accommodations. For shopping and dining, see Dubai, or move to Oman for private beaches and highlands.


Bali is calm, laid back and beautiful, an area apart with its rice fields, hospitable and friendly locals and breath-taking beaches lapped by crystal clear waters and waves. A great blend of the ancient and arcane, presented with a series of sparkling sunsets.


Golf lovers will really have a great time in Algarve as it has several lovely greens, including mellows, all year round. But for a true, out of town and unique vibe, Thailand’s best beach areas as in Phuket have sun, sea, and warm greetings strung out in a perfect set up.


For those who wish to have fun in the snow, the west coast of Canada is a perfect choice. You can go across the places of Alberta and British Columbia. It has a great variety of resorts that are excellent for fun activities like skiing and snowboarding. Some of the best highlights are Banff, Big White, Whistler, and Lake Louise; all of which have an exciting and loving winter culture.


To get something a bit different, you may go as far as Lapland. People can enjoy a cold, dark, place while enjoying a trek to view and experience the great Northern Lights at night. Snowshoeing, skiing, huskies, and dog sledding are just a few of the many exciting activities that families and friends will surely love.

A lot of people dread the coming of wintertime and take it as a moment to move away and have some fun. It’s time for you to go out and see the world even on a budget. These destinations are perfect for adventure minded people who are in search for a huge array of activities to amaze their kids, and make them try snowboarding or skiing. Make them enjoy and learn while their young, and give them great memories and endless fun throughout their lifetime.


About the Author:

Janella Giselle Domingo is a travel ambassador and blogger from Jurnii’s Rv Rentals.They offer rv motorhome rental and other services. Aside from blogging, she is also currently employed as a Chief Pharmacist at Wesleyan University Hospital and Cardiovascular Center.Despite of her busy schedule as a Chief Pharmacist, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust. Connect with her at facebook or drop a line at [email protected]


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