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6 Things You Must Try on Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean is the most popular destination in the world among cruise travellers and it is easy to see why. Warm waters, almost guaranteed sunshine, adjacent island paradises, and friendly locals all help to ensure that visitors to this part of the world have a great time. However, it is the activities that are the biggest attraction for many holidaymakers and below you will find a list of six that I think everybody should try at least once.


  1. Scubadiving– The extensive coral reef system in the Caribbean provides a home for many species of tropical marine fish, making it a fantastic place to learn how to scuba dive. Prices are surprisingly reasonable on many of the islands and there are numerous qualified instructors to choose from. Whether or not you have any previous experience, you are sure to enjoy diving in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and swapping stories with your fellow divers over a relaxing drink afterwards.

  1. Swimming with dolphins – There are a number of centres across the region where you can spend time getting acquainted with a dolphin after being introduced by an experienced trainer. Although these programs normally take place in a controlled environment rather than in the open sea, this does mean that you get the opportunity to play with these fascinating creatures without having to worry about the unpredictable nature of wild animals . Not to mention that you will be interacting with dolphins that are used to being among humans.

  1. Zip wires – If you have ever fancied playing at being Tarzan, a trip to the Caribbean could provide you with the perfect opportunity to live out your fantasy. While it would be inadvisable to actually swing from the vines in the jungle, you can instead travel down a zip wire at speed through the rainforest canopy on islands such as Belize and the Dominican Republic. There are many cruise holidays available that include a stop at one of these islands so it should be relatively easy to book a break that allows you to try this activity.

  1. Deep sea fishing – If the idea of sitting in a tranquil spot by a slow-moving river does not appeal to you, do not worry as this activity is completely different. Battling with strong-willed marlin, barracuda, and sailfish could not be further removed from baiting a hook with maggots and fishing for dace back home. Antigua is one of the best spots in the Caribbean for game fishing so if this is something that you would really like to try, make sure that your ship will be stopping off at this island.

  1. 4WD safari – If you would love to explore the rainforest interior of an island such as Dominica but do not fancy hiking for hours then a four-wheel drive safari could be just what you are looking for. Natural springs, waterfalls, rock pools, and a wide variety of flora and fauna are all waiting to be discovered in the Caribbean and this is one of the best ways to see them.

  1. River tubing – This is a personal favourite of mine and something that I used to do as a child on rivers near to my home. Traditionally an activity that youngsters indulged in by first finding an abandoned inner tube from a large truck, the Caribbean is a great place in which to travel at speed down a river on something that closely resembles a giant rubber doughnut. is a leading British cruise agent, offering a wide online selection of cruise holidays to various American, European, Asian, and African destinations.

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