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7 Awesome Adventure Places in Australia

Today, traveling is more available than ever, to the delight of many adventure-seekers who cannot wait to explore new landscapes and create new memories that will last them a lifetime. Australia is undoubtedly a top destination in the world, both for those looking to explore buzzing cities and those who want to switch off and enjoy the tranquility of nature. In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to visit this magnificent continent this year, so prepare a pen and paper and get ready to note down the following destinations as they are arguably some of best places for adventure travel in the Land Down Under!

The Great Barrier Reef

The largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, is one of the absolute must see travel destinations for those who want to appreciate the magnificence of our planet. This reef is so big it can even be seen from space! Even if you’ve never dived before, you can sign up for this activity and see a whole new world beneath the waves. When deciding on where to try this activity, you will be spoilt for choice on the coast of Queensland. You can learn to dive in Cairns and explore some of the most outstanding reefs including Escape Reef and Heron Island. No matter which you opt for, you will see a wide array of amazing sea creatures!

Four-wheeling on Fraser Island

Not venturing too far from the previous suggestion, Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland and just a stone’s throw from Sunshine Coast is a large sand island – in fact, the largest of its kind, and a perfect spot for many an adventure. It boasts an 8-day trek along its coast, which can be a great walking holiday, and an even better four-wheeling adventure! The so-called 75 Mile Beach Road is nothing short of a perfect setting for a road trip of a lifetime. It will require some special knowledge and ample preparation on your part, but what is an adventure without experiencing something completely new! The best thing about this is that you can stop whenever you feel like and look at all the beautiful sceneries.

Tackle the Great Ocean Walk

There is nothing more authentic than exploring an incredible place on your own two feet. Perhaps this is why walking holidays are so popular in Australia. If you think your fitness is up for this easy-to-medium grade track, opt for the stunning Great Ocean Walk to see breathtaking views of the ocean as you walk across the lush foliage. Not to mention that the iconic Twelve Apostles rock formations are at the end of this walking adventure, creating a majestic finale to your holiday with postcard-perfect sights of one of the most-photographed landmarks of Australia. You can even enjoy a helicopter tour above this breathtaking scenery and see the world from a whole new perspective!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If your adventure takes you to the metropolis of Sydney, your number one objective is probably seeing the world-famous Harbour Bridge. However, just looking at it won’t be enough for someone seeking a dose of adrenaline, right? Fortunately, various climb options are available if you’re not afraid of heights, and they will allow you to see an unparalleled sight from 134 meters above the world! You don’t have to worry as this is a completely safe experience, however, that doesn’t change the fact that your blood will be pumping as you climb higher and higher on this impressive metal structure!

Whale watching in Tasmania

Arguably some of the most majestic creatures in the world are the huge whales that inhabit the unknown depths of the oceans. You can look at these amazing animals from up-close if you decide to go for a whale-watching adventure. There are many places in Australia where you can spot whales during specific seasons, one of which is the island of Tasmania down in the south. The renowned Freycinet peninsula is a great starting point. Between May and July as well as September to November, the Tasman Sea becomes part of the humpback whales’ migratory route, while southern right whales can be spotted from June to August and from September to November. Visiting the Freycinet National Park is well worth it for the sights in themselves (don’t miss out on the famous Wineglass Bay), but whale-watching can truly make this adventure memorable.

The heights of Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located just a few hours from Sydney, but they provide you with a completely different kind of experience than the city landscape. You will have plenty of hiking tracks to choose from – you can decide to go for towering heights and see iconic places such as the Three Sisters, or you can go cave-hunting to explore some of the 11 caves of the region and see what’s below the ground! Either way, you are going to be surprised this is all in the vicinity of such a large city as Sydney and this heritage-listed site is certainly going to inspire you!

Water adventure in Kimberley

The Kimberley region in Western Australia can be a gold mine for adventurers. It is a vast and varied region where you can find some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see! King George Falls, Mitchell Falls and Horizontal Falls all provide a breathtaking view and a number of activities to choose from. Besides the splendid waterfalls, you can also take a refreshing dip in one of the swimming holes of the El Questro Wilderness Park or you can even boat the waters of Horizontal Falls by the coastline! It will not be your usual calm boat ride, that’s for sure!

Australia is a vast continent and these are only some of the best adventures you might be interested in. Nevertheless, all of these suggestions are worthy of being on your travel bucket list. So, note them down and then go and book your flights, and you will always have something amazing to look forward to! Not to mention the memories you will bring back home will be invaluable.


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