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Visit Venice, 7 Must See Spots in Venice, Italy

Visit Venice, in Italy the city of Venice is situated in the Veneto region at the northeast part of Italy. Venice was created comprising 118 islands in the 5th Century. Venice is famous for the canals flowing through the city and especially the Gondolas to enjoy these canals.

This famous city is also full with architectures crafted by famous artists like Tintoretto, Titian, Giorgione etc. Sitting in the roadside cafes it is very easy to get lost in the era of masked ball, golden barges, the secret rendezvous of Dukes and Barons with their mistresses in the Gondola and Legends of romances of this city.

Venice is the city of romance, but your trip to Venice won’t be completed without visiting some of the famous tourist sites of Venice. Here is a list of 7 places you must visit in your trip to visit Venice:

Visit Venice and See The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal or Canal Grande can be described as the main street of Venice. Around this canal, beautifully crafted palaces can be seen, which mainly belongs to the Elites of Venice.

Grand Canal Venice ItalyPhoto by Peter PZ

The Academia Bridge, the Rialto Bridge are some bridges situated over this particular canal. Take a ride of a Gondola in this canal and enjoy the various passing boats containing fruits, vegetables, flowers etc.

Venice City Videos

Check out these videos showcasing some of the amazing areas to be found in the city of Venice, Italy.

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Rialto Bridge

Of all the bridges situated in Venice, the Rialto Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction of Venice. It is one of the four bridges spanning on the Great Canal. The current Rialto Bridge was constructed by Antonio De Ponde during the 1580s.

Rialto Bridge Venice ItalyPhoto by Zoltán Vörös

The wooden bridge, prior to this time, used to be the place for unloading the wholesale Merchandise of the Big Cargo Ships arriving from the other countries.

Doge’s Palace

The Palazzo Ducale or Doge’s Palace is Gothic Style palace, which used to house the Doges (Dukes) of Venice.

Doge’s Palace Venice ItalyPhoto by Aurimas

Later it was the seat of Government for many years, nowadays it is one of the famous museums of Venice. It held the priceless collection of original collection of Tintoretto, Titian etc.

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St Mark’s Basilica

Located just beside the Grand Canal and Doge’s Palace, Basilica Di San Marco is the prime example of Byzantine Architecture. The model of St Mark’s Basilica is inspired by Church of Holy Apostles built by Constantine the great and the church of holy wisdom called Hagia Sophia of Istanbul.

5212618741_89957d13fc_bPhoto by Dennis Jarvis

The bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica commonly known as St Mark’s Campanile is one of the prime landmarks of this city. From the top of this bell tower, an excellent view of the city can be seen.

St Mark’s Square

The Basilica of St Mark’s is adjoined with the beautiful town square of Venice. The Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square is the prime tourist attraction of this city.

Bridge of Sighs

It is believed that if the lovers kiss when their Gondola is crossing the Bridge of Sighs, at the time of sunset, their love will be eternal. Although famous for the romantic notion, the famous Bridge of Sighs used to connect the new prison and the interrogation room at Doge’s Palace.

Bridge of Sighs Venice ItalyPhoto by John Hickey-Fry

The prisoners of the past might have had a sigh with the glimpse of the beautiful Venice one last time, therefore deriving the name of this fabulously crafted stone Bridge.

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La Fenice Opera House

Your trip to the city of Masked Ball and Opera will not be completed without a visit to the landmark of the Italian Theatre, Teatro La Fenice. The name signifies rise from the ashes as the prime opera house was once destroyed in the fire.

La Fenice Opera House Venice ItalyPhoto by Benh LIEU SONG

The construction of the present theatre was finished in 2003. With the visit of this theatre, catch an opera to have a perfect taste of Venetian Music and Culture.

The whole city of Venice is a prime destination of art, culture and of course romance. The one and only pedestrian’s city of the world, all the parts of Venice will keep you mesmerize no matter how many time you visit this city.

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