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Dutch Food, 8 Foods you Must Try in Netherlands

Dutch food is unique, are you heading to Netherlands soon and pretty clueless about what to eat there? Well, the Dutch food is usually very healthy as well as light. The Dutch sweet dishes are very tempting and generally served in small portions.

You will be happy to share them with your loved ones and at the same time gaining not much calories from them.

Here are some of the must try Dutch foods you can try during your visit to Netherlands.

Dutch Food, 8 Foods you Must Try in Netherlands


1. Stroopwafels

It is like gluing two big yet very thin waffles together to form a stroopwafel. This variety of syrup waffle is available at the grocery or more or less at any Dutch eatery. It is best enjoyed when eaten gooey with warm caramel syrup.

Dutch Food, stroopwafels amsterdam

Photo by Norio NAKAYAMA

You can try one from a street vendor and enjoy it fresh. These stroopwafel are so big that it’s difficult to have it without sharing!


2. Bitterballen

No, they are not bitter like its name goes. This meatball kind of fried snack got its name after being served with bitters. Nowadays they are served with a beer at a café of bar.

Dutch Food Bitterballen Amsterdam

Photo by Franklin Heijnen

A mustard sauce accompanies it, which is used as dipping. This savory snack is filled with ragout made from minced meat (veal or beef), broth and some spices.


3. Poffertjes

Amazingly tasty and looks like small pancakes but bit sweeter. Poffertjes are prepared from buckwheat and flour to make it fluffy and very soft. This sweet dish is served in a small stack and available with various kinds of toppings.

Poffertjes Amsterdam

Photo by Mira Pangkey

Poffertjes can be enjoyed with chocolate sauce, syrup or just powdered sugar – which is the most common topping.


4. Appeltaart

This is another great tasting sweet dish. One with sweet tooth can easily get addicted to this dish, which is somewhat like a pie and also a kind of cake.


Photo by Tavallai

The main ingredient of Appeltaart is fresh apple. Cinnamon is also mixed in this dessert for added flavor.


5. Kibbeling



Photo by Dirk Vorderstraße

This is a deep-fried dish made from Codfish. The fish pieces are dipped in batter before frying. Kibbeling is served with different types of toppings like onions and herbs. A dash of lime juice is squeezed on it for the extra kick.


6. Boerenkool

This is a very simple Dutch preparation with mashed potato and kale. Dutch people consider kale as a super food over a long period of time. This preparation is more or less like the cabbage soup.


Photo by yannah

The potato is mashed well and served rich and creamy along with kale and often a meat preparation on the side like cubed bacon or sausage.


7. Hollandse Nieuwe

This Dutch food is snack like preparation with young Herrings. This fish preparation is eaten raw with a pickle and chopped onions. It may not appear very appealing to first time eaters, but it is a very popular dish in Netherlands.


8. Vlaai

This dessert preparation is somewhat like a tart and a pie combined. Generally this dessert is prepared or bought for occasions like birthdays. There is a great variety of this wonderful Vlaai preparation.

They taste great with different toppings like powdered sugar, whipped cream, different fruits, nuts and sometimes combination of all these goodie stuff to make it even more tempting.

There you have it, Dutch Food that will make your memories of Dutch cusine everlasting.

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