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8 Foods you Should Taste in Egypt

Egypt is a magical and intriguing country to venture through. Ancient history, legends, and famous places are all here to be discovered. There is something else that deserves some of your time while visiting Egypt and that is the delightful cuisine that will keep your palate excited for its next meal. So when you make it over here, head for the food stalls and restaurants and ask for these dishes.

Ful Medames Ful Medames A staple dish on most tables in Egypt is Ful Medames. Made of fava beans (broad beans) with some oil, garlic and squeezed lemon. This can be simply served as a spread with a nice  piece of warm pita bread and perhaps even a few veggies if you would like.

Kushari Kushari Kushari is the national dish and another popular item on the menu while in Egypt. It’s made of rice, lentils, spaghetti, and chick peas, then mixed in a tomato sauce with some caramelized onions. Sounds confusing, but considering this dish is offered at nearly every street stall, it must be delicious and certainly a must try.

Molokhia Molokhia with Chicken A hearty meaty soup called Molokhia is often served up at home with family on any given night. Different meats such as lamb, rabbit, or chicken are boiled in with mallow leaves, coriander and garlic to make a great family soup.

Shawarma Shawarma This is on the list because it’s pretty much a staple dish for the Middle East, so yes while in Egypt you will surely grab one of these easy, quick, and absolutely tasty shaved meat sandwiches. Typically made of nearly any meat like lamb, chicken, beef, and goat, its shaved and placed in a pita, then topped with tahini sauce which is a sesame sauce.

Mahshi Mahshi This is a favorite among vegetarians who are visiting. This dish is a simple and scrumptious meal that is also really good for you. It’s prepared by stuffing a vegetable like eggplant, tomatoes, or peppers with a rice and herb mixture. It’s then baked in a pot with a tomato sauce topping. Absolutely divine, even for a meat eater.

Fattah Fattah Another warming and tasty soup is Fattah. Traditionally served during special occasions, I’m sure you can find one special enough to eat this meat, vinegar and garlic soup. Just grab a plate of rice to go with it and it’s a celebration!

Halawa Halawa After you get off your Monarch Flights to Egypt get a snack straight away. Halawa would be a good choice for its energy inducing qualities and delicious nutty bite to get you through until your next meal. It’s made from sesame paste and often includes pistachios, almonds and pine nuts in the middle. It’s crunchy and packed with protein, as if you needed an excuse to eat it.

Konafah Konafah Don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth, Egypt has got you covered. Made of noodle-like pastry Konafah is mixed with butter and wrapped around cream and nuts then baked. A fruit topping can be included as well. Enjoy Konafah after any of your fantastic meals.

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