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A few fresh and new ideas for your next Stag Party in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate city for stag weekends, with the scorching desert surroundings giving way to cool casino interiors. If you are booking a big trip to Sin City you will probably want some advice about where to stay and what to do. Here are some top tips for Vegas-based stag excursions.

Visiting Las Vegas can be an exciting event, particularly if you are taking a stag party to this world-famous city. It can also be daunting if you have not been before, so the following ideas will certainly be useful.


The Auto Collections

If you have arranged a stag weekend abroad with sites such as  then things such as accommodation will probably have been arranged. The night-time activities could also have been taken care of, leaving you with days to fill.

Once your trip from is organised, attractions such as the Auto Collections at the Quad Resort and Casino could be a good way to spend a few hours, particularly if your party has a few petrol heads in tow.

With more than 250 vintage vehicles inside, this is the world’s largest showroom for historic cars, with examples worth millions of pounds sitting next to more attainable cars.


Daylight Beach Club

Las Vegas is a 24-hour town and if you want to party with some of the world’s best DJs while the sun is still out then the Daylight Beach Club at the Mandalay Bay casino will be a top choice.

Daylight Beach Club

There are loungers, pools, bars and room to dance if you wish, with the atmosphere being completely unforgettable.


Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Your Las Vegas stag weekend does not have to be a base affair if you also schedule a visit to this art gallery located within the Bellagio.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

It shows works from masters, including Andy Warhol, and is a quiet, calm place to wander around if you want to recover after a big night on the Strip.


Angel Park Golf Club

Another great alternative activity for your Las Vegas stag party is golf, with the 36 holes offered by the Angel Park Golf Club providing more than enough fun and challenges for eager players.

Angel Park Golf Club

With two sets of 18 holes ? one offering a classic set-up while the other is more technically tricky and interesting ? you might want to take the time to play a round or two.


The Range 702

What is the point in going to America if you do not at least attempt to experience the unique thrill of firing a real gun?

The Range 702 is a shooting range in Las Vegas which allows experts and novices alike to pop off a few rounds and see whether those skills attained in Call of Duty are really transferrable.

As well as having semi-automatic weapons available to visitors, there are also fully automatic guns on offer for that truly genuine feel.


Wild West Sunset Dinner Ride

The towering casinos and neon-lit interiors of Las Vegas can make you forget about the environment which the city paradoxically occupies.

Wild West Sunset Dinner Ride

But you can reconnect with your inner cowboy by taking your stag party on this ride into the wilderness, saddling up real horses to literally head into the sunset on a dusty trail.

Whatever you decide to do during your stag weekend in Las Vegas, make sure that everyone who is going knows what they are letting themselves in for and that you all have the time of your lives.

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