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A limited print to inspire the family

There are days of inspiration and days when everything is too much trouble; that rarely applies to the talented few who regularly reproduce images with paint or camera that capture something really special in a setting. It is, perhaps, a talent to see the possibilities in different light that make Ricardo da Cunha Australian Landscape Photography so special.

Wildlife photography has always required patience, but the professional landscape photographer is equally challenged by the light at different times of the day. Most photographers have taken a sunset shot and thought that the image could not get better, only to see something different seconds later and take the shot again.

A willing amateur

Steve Smith

Digital photography has allowed the amateur to take multiple pictures and enhance them afterward to get the best possible effect. Professionals do likewise, but their understanding of light can help them capture that really special image.

Ricardo da Cunha Australian Landscape Photography has captured the beauty of every part of the unique country that is Australia. There is seemingly endless coastline of contrasts between the Barrier Reef and the sometimes-wild seas of the Tasman Sea.

The deserts that cover the vast majority of the country are often forgotten by the amateur; their inaccessibility is a deterrent to traveling in deserts, but they possess many features that are a photographer’s dream. It is all about having the eye for a photograph.

The true professional

Ricardo da Cunha

Few people possess the skills to take a photograph to match the true professional, who can inevitably see the potential of a landscape and how it should be best represented. Perhaps the shot can be taken to great effect in several different lights and weather conditions. Storms can be spectacular, and the effect of storms on a setting can be both vivid and unique.

There is something special about the natural landscape that needs preserving. Some places have been changed irrevocably with the intrusion of Man, and all that is left is the historical imagery of photography and paint. One of the major motives of Ricardo da Cunha Australian Landscape Photography is to ensure that none of the natural Australia is forgotten and to inspire other people to value the country’s natural environment. That inspiration can provide the pressure needed to open the eyes to governments worldwide to the environmental issues that sometimes don’t get the attention they should in the face of stronger lobbies.

Everyone has a different idea of what is attractive, a different idea of the colours they want in their houses and the images they want to hang on their walls. Ricardo Da Cunha Australian Landscape Photography is an option worth serious consideration, because the limited-edition prints that are available enhance any room of the house while being something of both value and motivation to the family.

Whether you want the blues of the rivers and seas, the forest scenes of green with subtle light or the bright colors associated with many famous settings in Australia, professional landscape limited editions are something well worth having in your home.

Steve Smith is a widely traveled freelance writer who lives on the South West Coast of Turkey, a World Heritage site called Dalyan where the endangered loggerhead turtle breeds. It is a stunning setting of natural beauty, which gives him a great appreciation of landscape, allowing him to comment on the subject of RicardoDaCunha Australian landscape photography.

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