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A luxury watch for every holiday

Far more than just a bold fashion statement, a luxury watch is also the perfect accessory for any luxury holiday. From embarking on an African safari to sailing around New Zealand on a yacht, there is an ideal timepiece for any vacation.

The African Safari

The Seamaster 300 M Diver Chronometer is an excellent choice for anyone taking an African safari. Although it is designed to be a diver’s watch, this water-resistant model ensures durability for many different types of adventures. From Omega’s James Bond collection, the classic timepiece is stylish and sleek. The watch features a helium release valve, designed to keep the pressure down when it is worn in a high-pressure environment.

The Seamaster can withstand depths of 300 meters or approximately 100 feet. This watch is self winding with a 3 o’clock position date display window and a unidirectional bezel that is known for its durability. The dial material is both scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, which will be perfect for the strong African sunlight. The case, band, and bezel are all made of stainless steel, ensuring it can survive even the closest encounter with native wildlife. The 2500 model boasts caliber automatic movement. Finally, the Seamaster has a 48-hour power reserve and a fold over clasp with a double push-button safety.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

You can’t go wrong with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date for any scuba diving or snorkeling holiday. Rolex first introduced this watch in 1953, creating what is now the traditional definition of a diver’s watch with a water-tight crown, one-way rotating bezel, and brilliant hour marks and watch hands. The newest models sport the classic, clean lines as well as the high end luxury status symbol that the Submariner has always had. The case is made with 904L stainless steel and measures 40mm.

Many Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date models feature a fliplock-clasp bracelet and 18-karat gold bezel. The bezel is Cerachom, which is nearly impossible to scratch. The Submariner completes any underwater adventure with waterproof capability up to 300 meters or approximately 1,000 feet, made possible by a triple seal Triplock winding crown. All fellow travelers on your holiday will be wowed by this timeless Rolex design.


Private Space Flight

With several companies now offering tourism packages to the International Space Station or simply flights to the edge of space, traveling to the stars has become a genuinely plausible luxury vacation idea. Breitling, for its part, has a long standing reputation as the watch brand of choice for astronauts due to their superb Navitimer Cosmonaute models. This design was first developed when the space race was still a new concept. In order to create a piece that would hold up in this new endeavor, Breitling developed a 24-hour dial that would withstand orbital flight.

Scott Carpenter was the first person to take this watch into space with a voyage on the Aurora 7 on May 24th, 1962. The original Navitimer Cosmonaute featured a flyback function and self-winding automatic Chronometer movement that is COSC certified.

Breitling recently developed a new Navitimer Cosmonaute in honor of the design’s 50th anniversary. This watch features Manufacture Breitling movement, a high performance function that was completely developed and produced within the company’s own workshops. The new model provides a manual-winding system and a 24-hour display, both of which are features that closely mirror the model that Scott Carpenter wore. The movement is based on that of the Caliber 01, which is considered to have the best chronograph movement in the world.

Additional features that the Navitimer Cosmonaute shares with the Caliber 01 include maximum reliability, a unique column-wheel structure, durability, security, unfailing precision, and functionality. Like the original Navitimer Cosmonaute, this watch is COSC certified. The anniversary edition of the Navitimer Cosmonaute has a black dial with silver counters. With a sterling silver base and a dial motif created through the “par épargne” process, this watch has flawless radiance and readability. The watch sports the insignia of the Aurora 7 mission and has a Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion scale on the engraved caseback, an homage to the vintage Navitimer models.



One of the most classic mariner’s watches is the Omega 1310 Mariner Seamaster Quartz 1975. Made exclusively in the 1970s, this vintage treasure is the perfect addition to any yachting holiday today. Dubbed as the “Mariner I,” the Seamaster Quartz stands as one of the most exquisite models from the 1310 family. When this watch was first released, it was marketed as a top-of-the-line sports watch. The marine association most likely comes from a 1976 OSTAR (Observer Single-handed Trans Atlantic Race) yacht race. During this race, two of the watches were attached to the keel and mast of two separate vessels. Both watches were still keeping perfect time after the race.

One of the most notable aspects of this watch’s design is that it does not have a screwdown waterproof case. Instead, it features a snapback with a red gasket. This gasket design is still widely used across the modern Omega lines today because of its reputation for unfailing tightness. The watch case is 39mm, which contrasts with the narrow 15mm bracelet.

The Seamaster Quartz has a 32kHz MegaQuartz movement, which was a very common movement design at that time. As this design does not actually have any Mega, Omega abandoned it in favor of superior movement designs for later editions of the 1310 watches. Both the original Seamaster Quartz and the newer designs feature a Time-Zone and Seconds-Adjustment System (TSA), meaning that with the simple push of a button, the user can change the hours and stop or correct the seconds. The time does not have to be adjusted to complete either of these functions.

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