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A Visitors Guide to Cordoba, Spain

A Visitors Guide to Cordoba, Spain

Once one of the marvels of the medieval world, the Andalusian city of Cordoba is today a vibrant metropolis simply bursting with life. Famously known for its extravagant palaces and mosques, the city has a unique atmosphere that visitors are bound to love. Steeped in history and culture, Cordoba has some fascinating sights and activities for visitors to enjoy. Here is a guide to visiting one of Europe’s hidden treasures.

A Great Historic Legacy

The city of Cordoba boasts a rich and illustrious history. Founded by the ancient Roman Empire, Cordoba played an important role as one of the Empire’s major ports. One of the great reminders of the city’s Roman ancestry is the magnificent bridge that spans the Guadiana River, El Puente Romano. At an enormous length of 755m, El Puente Romano is the world’s longest surviving ancient bridge and serves as a powerful reminder of Cordoba’s past.

One of the greatest sights on offer in Cordoba is the Great Mosque, or Mezquita, which was completed in 987 A.D. after the city had become the capital of the Moorish kingdom El-Andalus. Visitors are able to explore this breathtaking world heritage site, with its intricate architectural details and impressive size. An excursion to this marvellous building should be high up on tourists’ itineraries.

Beautifully resorted archways of the Great Mosque

Beautifully resorted archways of the Great Mosque

A City of Music

Spain is widely known for its idyllic weather, vibrant culture and beautiful landscape, but there is something else truly iconic about this country, its music. One thing usually springs to mind when someone hears those distinctive up-tempo sounds, and that is flamenco.

One place visitors to Cordoba can experience this wonderful form of dance is the Tablao El Cardenal. Grandly situated in what was once the Archbishop’s palace just a short distance from the Great Mosque, this evening of flamenco is sure to impress. The shows at Tablao El Cardenal feature prize-winning dancers and highly talented musicians, making for a truly wonderful performance.

Traditional Spanish flamenco dancing

Traditional Spanish flamenco dancing

Jewish Quarter (Juderia)

For an interesting excursion, visitors can spend the day exploring Cordoba’s famous Jewish Quarter with its intricate network of lanes and fascinating buildings, whilst absorbing the great atmosphere. At the heart of the quarter in Calle de los Judios lies the synagogue. Dating back to 1315 this impressive Mudéjar building gives visitors a sense of traditional Jewish culture and worship.

Equestrian Shows

Commissioned in 1570 by Felipe II, the Royal Stables in Cordoba are home to the majestic Spanish thoroughbred Andalusian horses. An extremely popular riding horse across the world, Andalusian horse shows provide an unforgettable spectacle. Visitors can see these symbolic horses and skilled riders in one of the many shows put on each year. With authentic Spanish attire and stunning routines, the equestrian shows of Cordoba give visitors a taste of true riding passion.


Often overshadowed by other Andalusian cities, Cordoba is one of Spain’s hidden gems. Not being as commercialised as other cities in the region, this is a destination that offers a refreshing experience of Spanish history and culture. There is so much to see and do here that visitors will wish they could stay longer to enjoy this magical place. With its strong ancient legacy and unbeatable atmosphere, a holiday in Cordoba is a holiday to remember.

By Bradley Houston

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