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How Does Airbnb Work at Finding Holiday Rentals?

You may have heard more and more about property rental firm Airbnb but wondered how does Airbnb work and posed the question what is Airbnb?

Chances are that if you have been planning a trip recently you will have come across Airbnb more and more when searching for travel services online. Airbnb have actually been around for a while but have become more popular in the last few years.

Airbnb is a holiday rental firm and they have greatly expanded their reach and visibility in the travel sector recently. Which is why you will come across them more frequently on Google or when performing any kind of web search. They have also gained a lot more mainstream press, not just in the travel media.

How Does Airbnb Work and What is Airbnb?

Many people who hold second properties or holiday homes use Airbnb as a source of additional revenue. The principle of how does Airbnb work is a pretty simple one. As a second property owner you can short term rent this property to paying guests. Often for very short periods of time, even days.

How Does Airbnb Work and What is Airbnb

You may have heard more and more about property rental firm Airbnb but wondered how does Airbnb work and posed the question what is Airbnb?

The property that you rent out via Airbnb is fully furnished with maid service and deposit meaning guests can drop their bags and fully enjoy their stay. At the end of the Airbnb rental term they return their keys and the property is cleaned in readiness for the next paying guest.

Essentially Airbnb turns your second property into a temporary hotel of sorts, without all the hassle that comes with running a hotel. This is exactly how Airbnb works and if you have a portfolio of holiday rentals, apartments or villas then it can be quite lucrative. As a renter looking for holiday accommodation the Airbnb booking process is just as simple.

For example lets take a typical travel scenario involving a short planned or unplanned trip away; a city break to Manchester for example. Prime locations in big popular cities with a thriving tourism economy are where the big hotels sit with expensive unaffordable rooms. With Airbnb you can give the expensive hotel a complete swerve and rent lets say an apartment two doors down for a fraction of the booking price.

Airbnb Travel App

Keeping an eye on your rentals or making a booking is easy with a versatile Airbnb rental app.

All rental properties available in major cities and resorts are made available on the Airbnb web site. They also have a travel app for easy browsing of rental properties on your smartphone or tablet device or even iWatch. Simply enter your desired travel dates and select an available Airbnb property and research its location, prices and facilities.

If you like the rental property then book it, normally you collect the keys to your holiday home on arrival in a secure box adjacent to the property or within a communal area. Open up, drop your travel bags and kick back and relax. When you leave, gather your belongings and drop the key back in the secure box, this is how Airbnb works.

The Advantages of Airbnb

  • Lower cost than luxury hotels
  • Same premium locations as hotels
  • Simplicity of booking and use
  • Airbnb travel app for easy use
  • Variable accommodation quality price tiered.
  • Ideal for couples, families and larger groups

The Disadvantages of Airbnb

  • Self catering, no room service, valet or butler
  • More difficult to get problems sorted on the same day
  • Some cities have low inventory of rentals

So if you ever wondered how does Airbnb work and wanted to ask the question what is Airbnb? This is how Airbnb works and for the most part it is a very fluid, easy to use accommodation booking system.

how does Airbnb work and what is Airbnb

How does Airbnb work and what is Airbnb? This picture shows the desktop version of this popular holiday rentals service in action. In the example I was searching for an apartment in Manchester, UK for a weekend in June.

Travelers needing a quick rental for short stays with all the luxury amenities can find suitable rooms very quickly with Airbnb. On the flip side property owners can monetize their portfolio, holiday villas and city apartments when they are not using them. Easy money for doing relatively little work.

Final Thought

While using Airbnb does have some disadvantages and we have listed some of them above. For the most part the advantages vastly outweigh any negative thoughts that we may have. Probably the main attraction of Airbnb is the ability to secure rental accommodation in prime city locations for lower prices than hotels.

However some towns and cities can have less inventory of available rental properties meaning that you have to fall back on the hotels. Rentals do tend to be available also even when the hotels may have sold out of jacked up their prices.

Airbnb is a good travel tool to hold in your trip planner. Certainly worth taking the time to check it out properly and understand exactly how Airbnb works. You never know when it might come in handy on the next trip away or short break.

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