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Vilamoura Marina Portugal


Appreciating Vilamoura in Southern Portugal

Vilamoura is an unincorporated area on the southern coast of Portugal. The town is perhaps most famous for Vilamoura marina that provides berth for yachts and super yachts of all shapes and sizes. This hot sunny part of the Algarve in Portugal is also a destination for prestige golf, fabulous beaches and luxury hotels.

Wrapped around the Vilamoura marina is one of the largest single tourist complexes in Europe. The nearest airport is in Faro and nearly everyone who travels to southern Portugal by air will arrive and leave from Faro airport.

For a real taste of Algarve luxury and style, Vilamoura resort is a must-see place to visit or to travel to for a relaxing holiday in the hot sun during the summer months. Vilamoura and its large marina is one of the biggest private tourism resorts in Europe and certainly in Portugal.

Equally Vilamoura is easily one of the most prestigious and desirable places to live and stay on holiday in Portugal. The climate in this part of the Algarve is nearly always hot and sunny in the summer ranging from 24-31 degrees celsius with very little cloud and rain most of the time.

Vilamoura Marina Portugal

Vilamoura marina is the central hub of activity within the immediate areas. The marina has space for over 1,000 yacht of different lengths and sizes.

Vilamoura is quite a change in style and pace from the traditional Algarve; places such as Albufeira Old Town for example are very different. However the purpose built leisure resort of Vilamoura offers residential accommodation to suit all tastes and lifestyle budgets.

In Vilamoura expect to find luxury hotels such as the marina side Tivoli, privately owned villas and spacious apartments on the various golf course complexes. Plus a wide choice of luxury hotels such as the Vilamoura Hilton Resort and Spa. Premium location apartments near the marina are available for holiday rental and in some cases to purchase.

Albufeira Old Town

Albufeira Old Town is much more traditional Portugal than the faster paced, modern lifestyle of Vilamoura marina and surrounds. However while here on holiday you can see both traditional Algave and enjoy the modernity of the marina. In the Algarve travelers can have the best of both worlds.

The Fabulous Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura marina is the central hub of activity within the immediate areas. The marina has space for over 1,000 yacht of different lengths and sizes. Being a deep berth marina Vilamoura attracts the occasional super yacht along with wealthy, yachtsmen, golfers, well known celebrities and the affluent middle classes.

Vilamoura is popular with the English in particular who normally flock to Portugal and Spain in the summer months to escape the drab British climate. The short flight time from the United Kingdom makes Vilamoura an ideal holiday spot in the sun.

Vilamoura Marina Videos

Pictures do not do the marina in Vilamoura justice. Instead see the Vilamoura marina and all the amazing yachts in this collection of videos taken at the marina and immediate area.

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Spain and Portugal are very similar when it comes to coastal holiday resorts. It is a generalization but on the whole Portugal leaves you with the impression that each resort has been built, checked and signed off as planned.

Whereas in Spain there are many examples of resorts that have a rather unfinished feel to them. Vilamoura and its fabulous marina are very much finished and refined to impeccable taste and clientele.

Vilamoura has something for every single visitor to enjoy, not least a stable climate with a gentle coastal breeze. Day time activities include boat trips and charter yacht rental (for those of us who don’t own a boat!). Discover specially designed trails for walking and cycling and marina side restaurants and bars offering cuisine to suit all tastes and budgets.

Vilamoura Beach

Despite the marina being the obvious focal point of a visit to Vilamoura there is also a long stretch of sandy beach that is perfect for toasting oneself on the golden sand on a day spent away from the hotel pool.

Vilamoura Beach Algarve

While Vilamoura has a lovely golden sand beach, the rest of the beaches that line the Algarve coast are equally awesome.

In fact Vilamoura has two beautiful golden sandy beaches to explore. These beaches are Praia da Marina (‘Vilamoura Beach’), to the east of the marina. Then travelers to the beaches of Vilamoura will also find Praia da Falésia which is situated over to the west on the other side of the marina.

If you enjoy a brisk stroll in the hot sun then the beach of Praia da Falésia reaches all the way along to Olhos d’ Àgua. Alternatively take a walk along Praia da Marina into Quarteira. Or walk around the marina and gaze at the magnificent yachts and boats.

As you walk onto the beach near the marina there is a ocean beach club called Purobeach where lazy sun worshippers can rent a premium subbed or a cabana for the day at the beach while sipping ice cold beers and cocktails. Purobeach is also open in the evening where it opens up into a restaurant and nightclub.

If you fancy seeing more of the Algarve’s beaches then hop in the hire car. You will soon discover that the Algarve is also home to some pretty spectacular beaches found all along the coast.

Purobeach Vilamoura

Purobeach Vilamoura is a beach side ocean club offering beachgoers premium sun beds and cabanas by day and sophisticated dining and drinks after sunset.

Vilamoura Golf Courses

Vilamoura golf has become famous across the world. Many private villas and hotels have sprung up complete with stunning golf courses in Vilamoura such as the villas of Pinhal Velho for example.

Pinhal Golf Resort and Villas Algarve

The golf courses of Vilamoura and the Algarve in general are prestige golf courses that are well maintained at the top of their game. Pictured is the Pinhal Golf course and resort.

So if you like playing a few rounds of thrilling golf, you will be very pleased to learn that there are several championship golf courses (all requiring handicap certificates by the way). Popular luxury golf hotels in Vilamoura include the Hilton Golf Resort and Spa and there are plenty more golf courses. It seems that playing golf in the lap of luxury is very popular in this part of southern Portugal.

Final Thought

Vilamoura in southern Portugal is a great place to stay whether you just want to enjoy the golden sandy beaches, spend a day playing a few rounds of golf, try a game or two of tennis in the hot Mediterranean sun.

Or perhaps try some water sports in the cool ocean; something more adventurous possibly such as water skiing or maybe charter a luxury yacht from the marina or take a ‘champagne cruise’ to celebrate a special occasion on your holiday to Vilamoura in the Algarve.

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