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8 Tips to Avoid Drinking on Vacation

There’s nothing like a nice vacation to refresh your mind and body. If you are a recovering alcoholic or are simply trying to stay sober, going on a vacation can be a daunting task. Most people associate the relaxation of a vacation with drinking, but that’s not the only way to relax while traveling. Here are eight tips to avoid drinking while you are on vacation.

1. Inform your travel companions

Whether you have been sober for a long time, or are just stepping foot into sober living, it is a good idea to remind the people you will be traveling with that you plan to avoid alcohol while on vacation. Your travel companions can be a great source of strength. Additionally, if they know you are avoiding alcohol, they will know not to pressure you to drink.

2. Plan activities that don’t involve alcohol

If you travel to a new destination without plans, you will likely end up at a bar at some point during the trip. By planning events ahead of time and keeping a busy schedule, you will have things to look forward to and plan around. This will ease the temptation to drink or visit a local watering hole.

3. Treat yourself

Just because you aren’t partaking in alcohol doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. Treat yourself to local cuisine. Don’t be afraid to order something exotic. Get desert too, you have earned it.

4. Chronicle your vacation

Bring a camera and chronicle the events and locations you and your companions visit. You can also keep a journal or make a scrapbook. Having this activity as a constant fallback plan can ensure that you never get bored and decide to drink. After your vacation is over, you can look back on your scrapbook or journal and use it as a reminder that it is possible to have fun while sober.

5. Get lost

Being in a new city or country can be exciting, but it can also be a bit intimidating. Practice facing your fears without liquid courage by setting aside a day during your trip to explore the vacation spot alone. Get lost and spend time with your own thoughts. Admire the landscape and focus on being present in the moment. Doing this can increase your confidence and remind you that you do not need alcohol to enjoy life.

6. Discover nightlife beyond bars

Depending on your vacation location, there may or may not be much going on at night. If you are in a large city, there definitely will be a lot of activity, unfortunately, a lot of it will be focused around bars. Don’t let this discourage you. Finding other things to do is pivotal to avoiding alcohol. Check local venues and see if there are any concerts planned. Many cities put on free shows during the weekends. Themed festivals are also a fun way to spend the night out without drinking.

7. Exercise

Maintaining a healthy body is a great way of escaping an alcohol problem. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should neglect your body. Take time to go on a jog in the morning or hit the weight room in your hotel. Starting the day out with a healthy activity can go a long ways towards maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day.

8. Get good sleep

Being on the go all day long can be exhausting. While it is tempting to finish the day off with a drink, remember that sober sleep will have you feeling refreshed the next morning. By going to bed sober, you will wake up feeling energized and ready to conquer the day.

Being sober isn’t always easy, especially when you are on vacation. Using these tips can help you pull through. Always focus on the reasons that you gave up alcohol, and remember to have fun.

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