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Beautiful Belek: Turkey’s Playground

Situated on a the Mediterranean Sea on a stretch of coast known as the Turkish Riviera, beautiful Belek is filled with scenic, cultural, and historical attractions.  Located in the Serik district of Antalya Province, Belek attracts travellers and holidaymakers from around the globe.  With so many things to see and do, Belek is a wonderful destination for all ages.  The following attractions are just a few of the reasons why Belek is one of Turkey’s most beloved regions.


Historical Attractions


Aspendos Theatre

 Aspendos Theatre

This Greco-Roman amphitheatre is one of the nation’s most revered archaeological sites—which is saying something, considering Turkey’s rich archaeological treasure troves.

aspendos theater

The theatre has been preserved quite well and moreover, is the only amphitheatre of its kind.  For this reason alone, the Aspendos site has been attracting visitors for centuries.  The amphitheatre continues to host festivals and even outdoor ballet performances today!




These fabulous ruins stretch for fifteen kilometres on the glittering Mediterranean coast.  Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of antiquity, the site boasts magnificent archaeological ruins like its temple, devoted to Artemis and its Bronze-Age acropolis.


Hadrian’s Gate

 hadrian s gate

Built around the year 130 A.D. to commemorate Roman Emperor Hadrian and his visit to Antalya, this landmark triumphal arch has witnessed the processions of royals for centuries.  It is a must-see attraction for all visitors to Belek.

hadrians gate


Natural Attractions


Kursunlu Waterfalls

 kursunlu waterfalls

Located in Belek on a tributary of the Aksu River, this natural attraction is the ideal place to visit with the family while hiking. The area is a teeming with gorgeous stands of pine trees.  Filled with enchanting sights and sounds, this waterfall makes for a perfect morning or afternoon excursion.



 kalkan turkey

This small coastal town is home to beautiful beaches and pleasant natural scenery.  It is famous for its white-washed houses and glorious sunny weather.

enjoy kalkan


Konyaalti Beach Park


Various beaches and cool waters, fed by an underground creek, make this a beautiful stretch of coast to visit.  There is a myriad of cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants, which complement the scenic splendour of the cliffs and Mediterranean beaches.


Exciting Things to Do in Belek

The beaches necessarily command considerable attention from tourists.  Many people base their visits to Belek around water sport and the gorgeous white sands of the coast.  Vacations such as Club Meds all inclusive holidays to Turkey typically highlight the many pleasures of the sea and all the activities it affords.

Belek is known for its illustrious golf courses.  As a world class centre for golf, it attracts golf-enthusiasts from around the globe.  There are six major gold courses in sunny Belek and many visitors organize their entire vacations around this revered sport.




This historic city centre is the perfect place to stroll.  Enjoy the splendid architecture and sights.  Numerous shops and cafes make this a particularly welcome place to explore.  The city centre is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife and clubs.

Kaleici turkey

Visit Belek

Museums, shopping, dining—Belek offers the holiday seeker a vast array of things to see and do.  While we have only listed a mere few, there are plenty more venues to check out when visiting this captivating Turkish paradise.


Alex Norman is an outdoorsman who enjoys sharing his travels on Internet blog sites.

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