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7 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a fantastic travel location that will satisfy all kind of travelers, even the seasoned one. There are many locations to visit in Vietnam. Each with its charming attraction. But they all share the same vibe of the magnificent view and enthusiastic energy for tourist to discover. A trip along the S-shaped country is the perfect odyssey for cultural, leisure, sightseeing and culinary appreciation.

If you have not decided where to travel in Vietnam specifically, the list below will help you out with the most famous locations to visit in Vietnam.

1. Hanoi

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Hanoi is the official capital of Vietnam and a tourism center of Vietnam. Hanoi should be your first location if you have come to Vietnam for the first time.

Strolling along the beautiful Hoan Kiem lake in the morning, you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere to start your perfect journey to the city. There are a lot of favorite places to visit such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Quoc Tu Giam University, Hoa Lo Prison, etc

You can find yourself wandering through the narrow streets in the Old Quarter for hours long. They are the prime location for shopping and lay back at night to enjoy a cold beer serving along with the most spectacular dishes that Ha Noi has to offer.

2. Trang An, Ninh Binh

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Ninh Binh province is a good start for those who want to explore the breathtaking Vietnamese water scenery. The most popular activity to take in Ninh Binh province is the trip with a small boat along the river of Ninh Binh, especially in Trang An location.

Trang An truly deserves its spot in the list of Unesco World Heritage site. You will be dazed by the collection of beautiful grottoes in Trang An. Inside these caverns is the most fantastic limestone formation of natural stalactite, forming through thousands of year by the forge of time.

Nonetheless, throughout the boat tour on the Sao Khe river, you have a chance to visit many pagodas, built on the most peaceful and tranquil location. Inside these pagodas, you can understand more about the genuine beliefs in Buddhism of the local people. The atmosphere in these pagodas will bring the serenity and peace of mind to those who come to visit.

3. Sapa

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Sapa has been rising to the top spot of top tourism location in the northwest of Vietnam. Throughout the roads surrounding Sapa’s hills, you can enjoy the most spectacular views of evergreen nature on a clear day.

One the side of the hills, the scenery view offers a complete awe-inspiring moment with the overlook of endless valleys down below, dotted by the vast range of mountains on both sides.

If you are an outdoor type, do not hesitate to try out the hiking and trekking tours around Sapa. There is an enormous list of trekking location around Sapa for you to choose from. On the top of the hill is the pleasant view of cascading paddy field and rice terraces, interlacing with small villages in between.

4. Ha Long Bay

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Ha Long Bay has always been a famous location for both domestic and foreign travelers. Thanks to its magnificent water scenery, the place has registered its name in Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 1944.

If you have never traveled to Ha Long Bay before, you are in for a good treat. The glance of Ha Long Bay for the first-time experience is exhilarating and exciting. You can immerse in the new open horizon with an enormous collection of scattering islands and islets, joined by the emerald clean ocean water.

Besides taking the most popular cruise tour around Ha Long’s famous islands, you can have the unique opportunity to travel with a small airplane over Ha Long Bay to immerse in the unique aerial view. This experience will completely transform your vacation experience.

5. Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the most rapidly developing city in Vietnam. Owning the prestige long coastlines, the city has become the tropical paradise for the ocean lovers.

All the beaches of Da Nang possess an immense beauty with soft and white sand beach. The sunny weather is also perfect for the sun-seeking tourists who prefer to lay back and enjoy the whole day sunbathing on the beach lounge. Strolling along the beach, you can also find a lot of other engaging activities like beach sports, scuba diving, etc.

Most importantly, do not forget to check out Hoi An. The most traditional ancient town of Vietnam. This town is the culture condense as well as the perfect blend among Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese culture. The town also is the most popular location for a culinary tour as you get to try the most delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

6. Da Lat

If you want to escape the heat of the tropical season in Vietnam, Da Lat is the flawless destination to check out.

Every tourist comes to Da Lat to enjoy its romantic scenery views. Dotted along the hills of Da Lat are various European style resorts and villas, which offer a complete marvelous view of the whole region. It is a perfect location for honeymoon travel.

At the center of Da Lat is the so-called Valley of Love, where the beloved couples hang out at every night. Thanks to the all year cold and pleasant weather, the agriculture products continue yielding out the best harvests every year. Surrounding the center are the local supermarkets where you can find the most organic food and vegetables in Vietnam.

If you decide to check out the hills of Da Lat and its well-known pine forest throughout hiking, trekking or biking trip, do not forget to bring an outdoor watch with you along the journey. They are the convenient companion for your navigation throughout the trip.

7. Ho Chi Minh and other western highlands

Ho Chi Minh is one of the biggest city in Vietnam. It is the melting pot of commerce and culture. If you want to see the busy lifestyle of Vietnam, along with a huge explosion in skyscraper and high-rise building view, do not hesitate to give Ho Chi Minh city a visit.

From the cheapest hawker and street food vendors to the most expensive luxury restaurants and hotels, Ho Chi Minh city has something to offer for everyone here. It is the city full of energy and discoveries for the tourists from the far land.

Moreover, if you want a little bit more than the overcrowded city atmosphere, travel a bit further to the other provinces in western highlands, which just a couple of hours drive from Ho Chi Minh city.

The Western highlands contain the most original Buddhism scene of Vietnam. In here you can find the most ancient and religious construction of the Buddhist temple and pagoda of Vietnam. A lot of Vietnamese people come here during the holiday season to wish for the great blessing from their faithful Buddha. Plus, the food in this region is spectacular as well.


If you want a complete package of fun and meaningful vacation, do not hesitate to check out all the locations in the list above. If not, then do not wait to pick out a few sites that suit your liking. They all have their charms, so you are guaranteed that you will not miss out any experience of the adventure.

Go on and embark on the journey to the most popular locations in Vietnam now.

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