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Turn Your Dream Holiday into Reality: Boat Rental Croatia

Croatia, one of the best and dream charter destinations in the world, is very famous as a sailing paradise and for its yachtsmen. The indented coastline, far-fetched natural beauty, auspicious winds, and especially the hospitality and warmth of its people, make this place best of all. 

Generally, Croatia is split into four regions. These are the most renowned and beautiful boat rental Croatia regions for sailing adventures: Dubrovnik area, Split area, Kornati area, and Istria & Kvarner area. All these areas are more than a dreamland and have a capability to take your breath away, especially for the first-time sailors, it is a tremendous adventure.

Dubrovnik Area

The Dubrovnik sailing region in Croatia is famous as a very luxurious and an elegant destination. This region is attractive and appeals its visitors for its historical heritage, entertainment offer, and breathtaking landscapes.

Split Area

The Split charter region, the most popular and known sailing area in Croatia. Hundreds of yachtsmen run back to this region every single year because of its idyllic combination of stunning but secreted bays and numerous lovely smaller or bigger places presented on these islands in this area.

Kornati Area

The Kornati charter region, predominantly striking nautical area is all enduring because of its tremendously indented coastline and countless islands in the neighborhood which enchants its visitors with its silent coves, anchorages and bays, that is ideal place to sit back, relax and surely a point to take a break from everyday fuss and busy life.

Istria & Kvarner Area

The Istria & Kvarner, is the area known for its longest traditions of tourism in the country. The region that is exceptional and rare in rich culture, natural beauty and 24/7 entertainment offers. The exclusive resorts, famous for its healing properties of the weather and architectural beauty, is surely the point of attraction of this region. 

Explore The Hidden Gems of Croatia

In short, Croatia is truly a place for those, who wish to sail, enjoy and explore the hidden gems and beautiful coastlines and islands of Croatia, with a hundred percent guarantee that this place is worth a visit and all the efforts.

When it comes to nautical tourism, the world-famous destination is Croatia. One of the leading destinations for sailing and yacht charter, Croatia provides all types of charter holidays for its sailing fans and even the sailors with less or no experience. Croatia is not known for its sailing regions but also for its ideal weather. There are not so many places around the globe that have a more desirable climate for yacht charters or boat rental than Croatia. From the start of April to the end of October, the temperature along Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline usually comes to an average of 30°C with the mild breeze in present ideal navigation environments. However, it is suggested, while renting a yacht in this season, one should keep in mind that the cold and violent wind “Bura wind” that blows from the North and the wet and strong wind “Jugo wind from the South, both bring storms in the evenings. So, one should be very careful about the weather conditions.

Rent Your Boat: Skippercity

Skippercity allows you to rent a boat, book a yacht, and sail it away on the beautiful water of Croatia to have a lifetime adventure with lots of memories. Our company has been always a one-stop-shop for anyone who desires boat rental Croatia or yacht charter to go on sailing holidays in Croatia for many years. A well prepared and relaxed sailing holiday in Croatia surrounded by our well trained and knowledgeable skippers is probably the most reliable way for someone to spend his holiday in this real paradise Croatia. 

What else can be better than to get on a boat rental ride in Croatia to explore yards of integral islands with utter no fears of the world? 

So, if you ever wished for an unforgettable holiday, it is the right time!

Our mission is to set out and organize everything to give our clients, the best boat rental deals and yacht charter experiences and generate a perfect plan of sailing holidays in Croatia.

Contact with trust and confidence. You are just a click away from The Best Time of your life sailing in Croatia!


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