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Boho Chic and Boutique Shopping in Seminyak

For the past three months I’ve been exploring the delights of Southeast Asia from my base in Bali. During this time I’ve visited Vietnam, Oman and Thailand, staying in a range of accommodation, from my budget hotels to the fabulous five star hotels here in Bali. After just a few weeks on the island, I realised how much I loved it.  As a shopaholic, I have been simply amazed by the range of boho chic and boutique shops in Seminyak. Allow me to share with you some of my favourite places to spend my money.

Although Bali has a much more natural feel than the likes of fashion havens Milan or Paris, when you walk around in Jalan Oberoi in Seminyak, you’ll feel like a true a-lister. When I first discovered the area I felt very out of place in my standard high street clothes amongst all the designer-clad fashionistas. But never fear, it doesn’t have that ‘exclusive’ feel. I’ve never come across an unpleasant shopper during any of my numerous visits. Each store is owned by reputable international designers each offering everything from handmade jewellery to dream handbags at magical prices!

seminyak boutiques

In no particular order, here’s my personal choice of brilliant boutiques in Seminyak.


Magali Pascal

Combining French elegance with minimalism, this clothing collection is inspired by the Parisian ‘Bourgeois Bheme’ chic spirit. I am in love with the bohemian look, and have bought many a floaty shirt and clutch bag from here. As you’d expect from a French brand, there’s a lot of luxurious silk, lace and embellished fabrics used, apparently to ‘reflect an urban vintage mind’. It sounds a little out of the ordinary and I must admit it is a pricey label, but trust me, if you take one step into Magali Pascal you’ll exit absolutely loaded with bags! I fell for a lovely delicate winged necklace just the other week, and was disappointed for a moment when I was told it wasn’t in stock. But that’s not a problem here, there’s a few Magali Pascal stores in Bali so I just found and bought it in another one!


Lulu Yasmine

If you’re looking for something in particular then this could be the boutique for you. Due to their limited choices, the shop is very pleasant to browse around without getting in anyone’s way. Hints of pastel pink and natural wood add a very girly touch to the interior, making the crisp white clothing really stand out from the crowd. The innocent pieces are created by Lulu herself, a Brazilian designer based on the island, who is inspired by world travel. If you like the ‘surf girl’ look, you’re sure to love it here.

House of Feathers

Be warned if you have a lot of disposable cash before entering this shop! The first time I visited House of Feathers I spent £50 (about 900 Indonesian Rupiah) on irresistibly cute jewellery, tote bags and dresses. They have a huge selection of handmade bracelets, unique necklaces and eye catching accessories that are sure to pull at your purse strings, each with a hint of tradition thrown in, like a golden Buddha head, and a Tibetan/Burmese feel. My favourite purchase from here has to be my bright pink floral tote bag with leather-like handle. It barely leaves my side!


Bargain time

Finally, when you’ve spent up at the boutique shops, it’s time to visit Seminyak Square. Just a few metres down the road from Lulu Yasmine, the square is a buzzing mini mall of shops, cafes and restaurants, where you can relax with a coffee, or roll up your sleeves and get haggling with local stall owners! A daily bazaar of around 10-15 stalls occupy the space, offering a similar selection of dresses and jewellery, but of course the quality isn’t what you’d find on Oberoi Street. With rail upon rail of vibrant clothing to suit the tropical weather, who can resist a good bargain to end the day?

Having lived and worked here for over two months now, I can safely say that shopping in Seminyak is always the highlight of my weekend. I hope if you visit, you will agree that it really is boutique and boho bliss!

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