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Fitness Holidays and Boot camps


Boot Camp, Fitness and Weight Loss Holidays

The thought of taking a bootcamp holiday is not something normally associated with booking a relaxing holiday or vacation. However if you have piled on the pounds and they refuse to budge consider attending a bespoke fitness boot camp.

Fitness and weight loss holidays are increasingly popular around the world. Boot camps in particular are both collaborative exercise opportunities and effective ways to lose weight while spending quality time on holiday.

Attending a fitness boot camp, or booking a weight loss holiday does mean that cocktails and indulgent meals are no longer on the menu. Any thoughts of daily wining and dining need to be put quickly to one side. Boot camp retreats are a very different kind of holiday. Just don’t expect it to be as relaxing as time spent by the pool, tanning and sipping cold beer.

What is a Boot Camp?

Firstly grasp the concept of what a boot camp actually is. A boot camp is an exhilarating and effective way to gain the toned physique and a level of personal fitness that has been missing. Attending a boot camp means you will shape up and slim down at a vastly accelerated pace.

A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program. Boot camps are often conducted by gyms, personal trainers, and former military personnel such as ex Army or Navy. These boot camp programs are designed to build increased muscle strength and improve overall fitness levels. Boot camps accomplish this enhanced personal fitness through a broad variety of demanding group training classes and exercise intervals.

Normally a boot camp class will span over a one hour period of time or similar period. Our bootcamp holiday ideas are ideal for kick starting weight loss, toning the body and improving cardiovascular and general health.

Boot Camp Retreats

Boot camp retreats are particularly popular in the United Kingdom. These type of fitness holidays usual comprise healthy programmes of exercise between 3 and 7 days. Boot camp retreats are found in locations ranging from the United Kingdom to the Caribbean. In fact boot camps and fitness holidays are common in Ibiza, Portugal and all over Europe also.

Fitness Holidays and Boot camps

Imagine working out on the beach like this instead of a cold, muddy field.

Whatever your fitness goals, on a weight loss holiday participants can expect to take part in a variety of intensive fitness activities. Typically these will include rigorous circuit training, bike riding, pilates and hiking. Exactly the sort of demanding exercises designed to raise your heart rate. Structured fitness classes can help you tone up and define your physique.

Boot Camp Videos

See what all the fuss is about with this selection of interesting boot camp videos. Having watched some of the exercise clips you will gain enormous insight into the personal value that is gained from any kind of weight loss holiday.

Booking a Fitness and Weight Loss Holiday

One thing to bear in mind is that a fitness holiday is a specialist trip away. You will still need to plan the trip and pack like any other vacation. However in order to book a fitness break or make a reservation it is advantageous to use a bespoke travel agency that deals with fitness and weight loss holidays. You may also need to take out specialist travel insurance if working out each day without respite.

Alternatively if you have a personal trainer or already attend a gym take note. It could be of benefit to consult with them. Some gym’s and fitness studios even organize boot camps and fitness holidays. Hence these are source likely to have the best contacts when it comes to negotiating prices, making accommodation arrangements and booking a weight loss holiday.

Boot Camp Weight Loss Holiday Alternatives

A fitness holiday aimed at reducing weight through structured exercise does not need to be restricted to just boot camps either. Other sports weigh in hard when it comes to burning calories and losing weight. For example racquet sports such as playing tennis are excellent all round exercise for toning up, burning fat and shifting those pounds.

Tennis Academy Holidays

Attending a sports academy on holiday is a great alternative to a boot camp retreat.

There are many tennis academies around the world that offer sports vacations. Meaning that you can go on holiday and play your favorite sport such as tennis all day long. You may not make Wimbledon but you will certainly lose weight and hone the all important physique.

A Different Type of Fitness Holiday

The fine cuisine and alcohol afforded by most vacations may be in short supply. Yet a fitness holiday and boot camp can still be a very relaxing holiday. Some fitness retreats offer spa and beauty treatments as well as cinema rooms and large private gardens.

Expect to experience a radically different style of cuisine in the restaurants. In fact a fitness retreat is an excellent opportunity to learn about new healthy foods and menu ideas and restructure age old eating habits.

Inevitably time spent at on a boot camp holiday will involve some social time. During time spent at a weight loss retreat you will meet other likeminded health focussed individuals. Your fellow classmates are all seeking to lose weight, tone up and shape their body.

A fitness retreat is a great way to lose weight collaboratively with other people. Weight loss holidays are a means to meet new people that share important health and fitness issue.

Booking time at a fitness retreat or joining a boot camp can lead to new lasting friendships, business opportunities and even holiday romance. Why not give a boot camp or a weight loss holiday a whirl?

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