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Canada Holidays 2012 – Enjoy the Best Canadian Vacation This Year

Located in North America, Canada is known for a number of its attractions and outdoor activities. The snow-capped mountains in Vancouver and the Niagara Falls found in Ontario are just some of the Canada Holidays 2012 attractions which visitors can enjoy.

Geographically, Canada is located towards the Arctic Ocean on its northern most point and extending to the Pacific from the Atlantic. It is by total area the second largest world country and it also shares the longest world land border with the US. The country also has the world’s longest coastline totaling 202, 080 kilometers in length.

The weather patterns in Canada vary with each region, with harsh winters experienced in most regions of the country. However, the winter sports activities the country offers an unforgettable Canada Holidays 2012 experience. The snow covers the ground in most regions for up to 6 months, while the northern regions of the country experience snow year-round.

Canadian Attractions

The Canada Holiday 2012 experience is not complete without visiting some of the country’s main attractions.  Some of these attractions include:

Niagara Falls – found at Ontario’s southern tip and on the US-Canadian border, the Niagara Falls is amongst the top list of main attractions in Canada. The smaller Bridal Veil Falls, Horseshoe Falls and American Falls are the three massive waterfalls which jointly form the Niagara Falls. Apart from being a Canadian attraction, they are recognized as part of the world’s natural wonders. The mesmerizing cascading waters and thunderous sound make the visit unforgettable.

The Prairies – Located between the central Canadian Great Lake area and to the Western side of the Rocky Mountains, The Prairie hosts a steppe-land vast area and the country’s boreal forest. The forest is one of the only remaining pristine world forests and it covers a large enough area t sustain its biodiversity.

The Canadian Rockies – situated on the Alberta-British Columbia border, the Canadian Rockies is a mountain chain which extends from the United States border on to the British Columbia’s northern end. The region offers a spectacular scenic view and unlike the American Rockies the Canadian Rockies are heavily glaciated.

Pacific Rim National Park – located in the British Columbia (BC) region, the park Faces the Pacific Ocean and is backed by a mountain range.  The Pacific Rim National Park offers a cultural rich heritage with immense history about the aboriginals. The popular West Coast Trail is found in the park as well as rainforests and sandy beaches.

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Canadian Statutory Holidays

Apart from its attractions and tourist sites, visitors also get the chance to experience how the country celebrates its statutory holidays. Some of the Canada Holidays 2012 include:

Family Day – This holiday is celebrated annually on the third Monday in February. However, BC will begin to celebrate the holiday every second Monday in February from 2013. This year the holiday fell on the 18th of February and 11th of February in BC. Notably, the holiday is not celebrated nationwide and it is only celebrated in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba. There 2 other provinces have been celebrating the PEI Islander Day since 2009. In Manitoba, they celebrate the 3rd Monday of February as Louis Riel Day.  The holiday was set aside to allow the citizens to spend time with family. Snowboarding and skiing, skating and hockey are popular activities during the celebration. Several winter festivals are also held in celebration of the day. The most popular activities on the day are the pancake buffets and beaver trails.

Victoria Day – This holiday fell on the 21st of May this year. The holiday is held in honor of the birthday of Queen Victoria. The holiday also unofficially marks the beginning of cottage season which sees hard working Canadians down 2-4 beer cases, in reference to May 24th.

Canada Day – The holiday fell on the 1st of July and it will also fall on the same date in 2013. The holiday often gives the citizens a long weekend if it falls on Monday, just like most other Canadian statutory holidays. However, most people tend to take Monday off if the holiday falls on Tuesday.   The day marks Canada’s birthday, in commemoration of the 1st of July 1867 when the country obtained a constitution of its own and officially become a federation.

Apart from the global unofficial and official national holidays, other Canada Holidays 2012 include:

Civic Holiday celebrated every first Monday in August, this year on the 4th.

Labor Day celebrated every first Monday in September, this year on the 5th.

Thanksgiving celebrated every second Monday in October, this year on the 8th.

Halloween maintains the global date 31st of October.

Remembrance / Armistice Day celebrated on the 11th of November.

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