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Chasing Waterfalls, Try a Beautiful Waterfalls Quiz

If you think that you know all there is to know about chasing waterfalls try our nature quiz. Uncover the most powerful, majestic and beautiful waterfalls of the world. Will you sink or swim in our nature trivia quiz, lets find out.

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The Most Amazing Waterfalls of the World

Our planet is home to some truly amazing waterfalls of the world. Cascading plumes of powerful, rushing water that dazzle and inspire travelers from all across the globe. Granted some waterfalls are more famous than others. Many well known waterfalls have featured in popular films, novels and other aspects of modern culture.

Some explorers devote their free time to chasing waterfalls all across the globe. To tread in the footsteps of early explorers like David Livingstone. For example many people will have heard of the remarkable Victoria Falls but just how many of us can recall the spectacular waterfalls at Iguazu in Argentina?

Powerful waterfalls simply showcase the majestic epic power of nature at it’s most potent. Waterfalls are extremely popular destinations among all kinds of global travelers, photographers, writers and passionate nature lovers.

Chasing Waterfalls

Just recently we produced a detailed travel and nature feature on the 15 most awesome waterfalls of the world. These unique falls showcase the finest displays of naturally formed waterfalls to be found anywhere in the world.

Waterfalls are popular destinations for tourists and sightseers as they are relatively rare in nature. Play our travel trivia quiz which is free and fun to play. See how good you are at nature trivia and also get to view some stunning pictures of epic waterfalls. You can share your quiz results with friends on social media.

While you can observe these falls of water on video or television there is no real substitute for actually being there next to the thundering water. Hearing the roar of the rushing water cascading over rocks and high cliff tops.

Nature Trivia, The World of Beautiful Waterfalls

Nature trivia and general travel trivia are truly great ways to learn the answers to insightful questions about nature and science. A nature quiz or a science quiz is a fun learning activity for all kind of explorers. Science trivia provides a means to discover some amazing waterfalls of the world that you may not have heard of until now.

Chasing Waterfalls, Just how well do you really know these beautiful waterfalls of the world that we live in

Chasing Waterfalls, Just how well do you really know these beautiful waterfalls of the world that we live in.

If you enjoyed playing this nature quiz then be sure to check out our previous feature on epic waterfalls. It could be very useful if you need to brush up on general knowledge and science trivia questions and answers.

Once you have played our nature quiz another amazing waterfall resource is World of Waterfalls which has tonnes of superb material and pictures of waterfalls to enjoy. They pretty much cover every waterfall, both large and small so well worth a visit.

Wherever you travel there are some truly beautiful waterfalls to discover on planet Earth. Just like the early explorers witnessing these mighty cascades of water for the very first time. There is plenty of fun to be had chasing waterfalls while on your travels.


Chris is an avid travel writer who enjoys exploring the globe and writing about his exciting travel experiences. Chris produces some of the in depth travel feature articles and interviews here at Gloholiday.

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