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Chefchaouen Morocco - This is Chefchaouen, in the far dreamy north of Morocco.


Chefchaouen in the Dream North of Morocco

Welcome to the blue city. There is a four-year-old child clinging to his cat on the steps of his home. The blue tunnels feel like underwater caves and you almost expect sharks and dolphins to weave between the crowds.

This is Chefchaouen in the north African country of Morocco. Here are three short stories from Morocco. Use the slides below to move between them.

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Stories From Chefchaouen Morocco

There is an old lady selling bread- hard, floury, fresh Moroccan khobz, and a flock of animals and their child counterparts run up and try to steal crumby mouthfuls. The smell of leather, incense and cinnamon loom from musty underground doorways.

Handmade jewellery and hair oils line doorways and wooden shops and the pavement is cool and dusty. Doesn’t this sound glorious?

For decades, Morocco has been the perfect getaway for the world since it’s humble rise to tourism glory. With the flourishing economy of the Dirham, everything is cheap, beautiful and authentic.
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Chefchaouen in the Dream North of Morocco

This is Chefchaouen, in the far dreamy north of Morocco.

[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] The proximity to Europe sees millions of people travel there each year, but somehow there is still a dark stigma attached to this paradise.

Accounts of violent protesting, pickpocketing and the swift rise of the Islamic State has somehow created a monster out of the peaceful country known best for its warmth. The Northern African country is seen to be sour to women in particular as there is a history of poor women’s rights.

In fact, a British newspaper has just named Morocco to be the un-friendliest holiday destination of 2015. It seems the vast majority of people to agree with that are those who haven’t experienced the famed hospitality in person.

For The Love of Tagine

The Children of Morocco tell their stories

Here are the love stories of three people who have fallen for the Kingdom of the Arab West, Chefchaouen Morocco and why you should also.

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Stories From Chefchaouen Morocco

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